Prince Harry is Cute from a Far but Far from Cute

Posted on May 29, 2009


 Evening Sweeties

Trying to catch a cab Friday in lower Manhattan was more hectic than usual. I thought a major head of state was around the way they had things on lock down.  

Oh no… it ’twas not the President of France that was holding up traffic today it was the red headed child of Charles and Diana; little Prince Harry.  The skinny is he is gracing NYC with his royal prescene and first stop was Ground Zero.  That’s cool and all but I didn’t see what the big kerfuffle was about. I mean the royal family was something to talk about when the dearly departed Diana was alive. Now she was something else. 


I have nothing against her children at all I just don’t believe there is a reason to shut down a major section of the city because one them happens to be here. 

If I had pick my favorite royal hands down it was prince William. He was major hot stuff before……..


…………… he started loosing his hair.


Call me completley superficial but I like my eye candy with a full head of  hair. That is just the way I riggety-roll. Now of course William is still cute but just in the comb-over old guy kind of way if you’re into that.

 Harry would have never made me flinch back in the day. He used to remind me of Pipi Longstocking or the Wendy’s chick minus the braids.


He has totally shed that look because now-a days quite frankly he’s cleaned up pretty nice in my opinion. 


Ya he’s all right but ladies and my gays get a hold of yourselves please so the good people of the city can get around! He’s kinda cute but not the stop traffic for hours and slow the subways down cute……Geesh.

INFphoto_987372Images: Wireimage,, Splash

spl102960_003Images: Wireimage,, Splash

Well at least he spent 5 minutes with 9/11 families and paid his respects to the FDNY which is more than I could say for a lot of foreign dignitaries that come to the city so thumbs up for that but  with all due respect I’m so over it.


Night Night


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