Wasted Time You’ll Never Get Back= I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here!

Posted on June 2, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I thought I had a clue as to what I was getting myself into with my decision to watch this show. Apparently I had no idea the horror that was ahead. I knew before getting in that it would be a two hour commitment which is why I sat down with a huge pile of work to do because this show without a doubt would turn out to be a “mindless reality show” just the type of TV I need to be in the background as I work away.  Mindless TV should be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure (keyword being pleasure). This show was the polar opposite of pleasure which is PAIN!

I most definitely was not expecting it to be ground-breaking TV. The roster of “celebrities” that they contracted for this catastrophe was enough to send the signals of ratings FAILURE to my brain. NBC has no shame all to undermine the intellect of the public to actual think we’d fall for this pile of steaming crap. Where do I even begin? 

heidi_montagit is we who cry on the inside after being subjected to your antics

They claim the show is “Live”. Anyone using at least 1.4335% of their brainpower would be able to see that most of the footage was edited.  We know  people aren’t really “roughing it” in the Costa Rican jungle . There is a camera crew a few feet away from these people to rescue them from any potential trouble that might occur. Heidi and Spencer Pratt are the world’s most annoying couple. Spencer’s childish tirades are totally staged. I wish he had invested in an acting coach before the show aired, but I am sure there isn’t a technique  around that could have assisted this the flesh tone bearded fool. One minute the Pratts are talking about how superior they are in comparison to the other celebrities with their delusional sense of  fame the other minute they are praying to Jesus for protection and guidance over Patricia Blagojevich and her family. The hypocrisy was nauseating. 

What in the world is Lou Diamond Phillips doing on this show? LDP what is going on? I have been a fan since I first watched his portrayl of Ritchie Valenz in Lambama.

Although he looks great, (did you see those arms??) he’s not enough eye candy to tune into the show FOUR DAYS a week? When I heard them announce that I just didn’t know what to do.. laugh, cry, a mixture of the two emotions, or just give out a blood curdling scream (I ended up doing a little bit of all). What did the public do to receive such a blow of cruel and unusual punishment? 

This is a train-wreck of a show that is all sorts of WRONG. The “winner” will supposedly give the money to charity. Any charity is better off not receiving money from something as bottom of the barrel as this show. Thumbs way down.

More from this girl soon.


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