Angelina is # 1 on Forbes Annual Celebrity 100

Posted on June 4, 2009


Evening Sweetpeas


  Aniston and all her loony tunes fans have tear stained pillows after it was announced that Our Lady Angelina has been crowned the most powerful celebrity in the world!!!!!!

90324U5Image: Bauer Griffin

Don’t hang your head too low Jennifer somehow you still made the list… at # 8.. 

I had a serious case of the chuckles as I read some of the fanatics of Aniston who were writhing with hateration. Here is a prime example for your reading pleasure.

Lola Said:

What makes an illiterate woman who’s only known for stealing people’s spouses, so powerful? She’s a hypocrite and ugly on the inside. This is not what’s important and not what people want to hear when our economy is down the drain  and people’s lives are being ruined because they can no longer support their family. 

Hilarious! Jennifer…….was that you???

The inanity had me tickled pink (and that’s an amazing feat because I’m black to begin with). Lola  wrote that Angie was illiterate (ummm okay??) when Lola needs a remedial 6th grade grammar lesson. She also was able to tie in the economic plight of the U.S into her commentary. That had to be one of the most half-witted statements I have heard all year.

With success and fame comes jealousy and hate but Angelina’s a tough cookie who can take the good with the ugly

The announcememt of her celebrity domination is not a huge shock to those in the know . She has single-handedly monopoloized the magazine and television tabloids all year with her every move. 

Angelina made 27 million last year knocking Oprah out of the top spot which she has ruled with an iron fist for the past two years. Although Oprah makes more money than Angelina (over 200 million more! Oprah’s annual earnings for 2008 was $275 MILLION) Angelina received way more press. It is not about the numbers in the Hollywood game. The power is in the press.

Some of the other high rollers on the Forbes list were:

Madonna came in No. 3 this year thanks to her Hard Candy tour and all the media coverage surrounding her split from Guy Ritchie and “affair of the heart” with Alex Rodriguez, which Us Weekly first reported.

Beyonce Knowles earned $87 million and ranked No. 4, while Tiger Woods came in at No. 5 with $110 million — making him the highest-paid athlete in the world (despite having to sit out for eight months with a knee injury last year).

Barack Obama became the first active president to appear in the list, coming in at No. 49.

Angelina is handling her business with six children and a relationship one of the finest men on the planet! (Brad was # 9 on the list with 28 million) I’m not mad at her at all. Go Angie Go!

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