Another Single Ladies Spoof Bites the Dust!

Posted on June 4, 2009



The latest You Tube video that a lot of people of talking about  is that of the prettiest Jonas brother in a skin tight black leotard performing the 100th spoof of “Single Ladies” by non other than Sasha Fierce. 

 The Jonas brothers were hoping that this spoof would be just the thing to get some attention. The thing is that people are laughing at the Jonas Brothers not with them. This is a lame attempt at getting some attention since their 15 minutes of fame quickly fleeting and their new album Line Vines and Trying Times is dropping June 16. 

The one thing I did find to be HILARIOUS is that this kid is trying with all his might to act like he doesn’t know the words and the whole entire choreographed dance when it is painfully obvious he is holding in his inner FIERCENESS.  He knows the whole entire routine measure for measure and line by line. 

That was the only comedic relief in this whole thing. I never was down with the Jonas Brothers but now I totally understand clear as crystal as to why so many people make  fun of them.

Have a laugh on me tonight!

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