It’s a Sad State of Affairs

Posted on June 12, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I almost deleted this blog the other day.

I just have been so disullsioned with the state of entertainment news that it has brought me to new heights of disgust. The headlines lately have been poke your eyes out boring, disgusting, and straight up “who the cares!” Where is the jaw dropping, meaty, entertaining tidbits to dish about ?


It hit me the other day when one of my favorite readers asked me why I didn’t post about Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx’s episode at the Spike TV Awards a couple days ago. I didn’t write about it initially because when I first saw the footage from that dreadful night because I almost chocked on my lunch. I think that is what drove me over the edge.  I will not post that vile piece of video on this blog but the picture speaks a thousand words. 


The amount of money that Spike TV paid Halle Berry wasn’t enough to commit  this crime. I cannot believe she stooped to those low levels to deep throat Jamie Foxx on national TV. It’s vile on so many levels. I don’t even think Tara Reid would’ve stooped that low and she has seen some looooow days in her life.

Tara Reid drunk

Perfect example:  The night this picture was taken.

I would think that with a small child you would want to chill with the overtly disgusting sex stuff. That scene in Monster’s Ball was so hiddeous to the eye  I shudder to think about the hours of therapy I would need if I watched my Mom with Billy Bob Thorton in a torrid sex scene. 

 I can’t hear another word about Jon and Kate Plus 8. The fact that they have been dominating the magazines and the news is unfathomable to me. I can’t believe millions of people watch their stupid show. I tried to watch it once and I lasted about 7 minutes. I can’t take seeing those kids run amuck. The little runt with glasses is what totally turned me off to be frank. For some reason little kids with glasses have always freaked me out.

jon kate plus 8 scary glasses boy

AHHHHH!!!!!! it’s tiny glasses boy!!!

I would  have thought that Kate’s hair or Jon’s horrid hair plugs would have sent me screaming, go figure.


I simply can’t take it anymore!

Adam Lambert on the cover of Rolling Stone with his “groundbreaking” interview unleashing the “revelation”  that he is gay?????  GASP!!

It was painfully obvious at first glance that the boy was a screaming, flame broiling homosexual.  So what is the big kerfuffle about exactly?  

glamberacegay Did Rolling Stone really have to put that green snake right near his crotch? GAGGING

The other headlines have been so ridiculous I’m cringing with embarrassment.


The fact that Octo-Mom has become a part of our venacular today is nauseating. Why is she still making headlines? All she has done is brought lives into the world she cannot afford to feed  and paved the way for yet another reality show about a litter of children “Raising Sextuplets”. I took one look at the promo and instantly felt ill. Those kids are so freaky looking, running around screaming, eating dog hair, (yes you read that hair!). The state of TV is going down the toilet.

Aren’t they just disgusting? This should be outlawed!

There is also a new show called “Dance Your Ass Off” which combines The Biggest Looser with elements of previous crap dance reality shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. The promo made me want to cry. Who is going to waste their time watching this?

Paris Hilton broke up with her stupid boyfriend, Chastity Bono announced she getting a sex change, Carrie Prejan (that bimbo homophobe) got the axe from the Donald. 



All of those things need to be filed under the cateogory of “How did you not know that was going to happen?”. What’s the big deal about Chastiy Bono becoming a man? Has anyone taken a good look at her? She is practically there already.

Bono_Chastity_314_LACasting-1[1]Isn’t she already a man?

Even when you watch video of her as a little girl she NEVER exuded any type of femininity at all, so no one should be shocked. 

Jennifer Aniston has been laying real low since the Mayer debaccle and her last movie tanked.  Until she resurfaces and gives another hilarious interview or is seen with another paid man-toy  who is there to make  fun off?

Jennifer+Aniston+Hiding+Paparazzi+Kvu9Xa6cB1xlCome on jenn! Say something so we all can have a good laugh.

Since the state of reality TV is wacked beyond repair I’ve been force to get into some shows on Hulu,  Netflix and this cool site called TV Links where you can watch practically any show or movie that was ever made. I think I’ll be shifting to reviewing my favorite movies, and shooting the breeze with you all until the tide changes.

Let’s pray for a BIG WAVES soon kids because it is not cute.


Night Night