Housewives of New Jersey Finale Takes on New Depths of Depravity

Posted on June 18, 2009



I had to come up for air for this one.

Kuddoooze to Bravo for officially taking the Housewives series to new heights and dimensions with the season finale of Housewives of New Jersey. These women are out of control. You would think we were watching a mob movie that was starring Alyssa Milano on Lifetime TV. It was most definetly one for the record books. As nasty as the frictions between some of the cast memebers on previous seasons have been they never escaliated to this level.  Although it was shocking (gasp*) behavior I am not in the slightest bit suprised that these Jersey girls would take it there. I saw evidence of that immediatley even from the promos of the show before it aired.


Lowlights from the last supper!






Everyone is buzzing about Teresa’s thuggish yet high pitched outburst that consisted of throwing food, curses, and a whole table in response to Danielle taking all the airtime away  from her by trying to “show hard” at the table. Indeed that was dramatic  but the scene that really took the cake was Teresa’s ramblings-on about her husband.. Just before Danielle pulled the book out and starred everyone down Hollywood Cowboy style. Teresa lost it when Danielle yelled at her like she was her step-child. She went into a state of hysteria and she allowed herself to wander into a place I like to call Cringe City. In Cringe City everywhere you go makes you want to crunch your shoulders up and find  a place to hide. Her ramblings on about how she and her beef jerk colored block muscle have way to much sex was her first stop in Cringe City that night .

 (Insert massive amounts of cringing )

  She went WAY over the TMI (Too Much Information) limit by sharing these stories with her dinner party guests. She claimed that she was trying to “lighten the mood” by getting down and dirty . I wonder why she found it necessary to share that on the way back from the hospital ( after just getting breast implants shoved in her deflated pockets of tiny flesh she once called her real breasts) her husband was “asking” for sex in the back of the car.

 I don’t deserve that mental image and neither do you.

What was even crazier is that Danielle interjected with “you got surgery up here (referring to Teresa breasts) there is nothing wrong with you down there (referring to her cha-cha)” Who would  say that? It’s one thing to think in your own head, verbalizing it is a whole other can of worms. The true colors were flashed that night by everyone in front of their kids and the whole world.

 I am quite confident that this finale episode has insured these ladies another  season of hot NJ mess. 

(Insert even more massive amounts of cringing)

In case you missed Theresa vs. Danielle

There are still some parts of Teresa rant that are inaudible to me. I can’t figure out what’s she’s saying. It’s that indecipherable. Where ever did they find that one anyway?

Now the folks a the Bravo channel have create a storyline for next season that tops this one.

A daunting task that will to be.

More Soon Kids

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