They Can’t Stop Until They Get Enough: The Michael Mayhem Continues

Posted on July 18, 2009


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King of Pop

King of Pop

Although Farrah Fawcett died on the same day as Michael and the journalist Walter Cronkite passed away on Friday evening the media is still fixation around the man, the myth, and the legend of Michael Jackson. There has been and will never be  single man who has touched the hearts and kept the interest of people around the world. Well over A BILLION people watched into the memorial service. The magnitude of it all didn’t really hit me until I watched clips from the service. I knew that I didn’t want to watch the ceremony entirely because I’m one of those empathic souls. I totally feel peoples emotion and I knew the tears would come a flowing at the drop of a hat. My empathy runs deep. I even get teary eyed with the super chessey Hallmark commercials with the John Mayer song “Say what you need to say”.

(Gasp……) I can’t believe I am writing about John Mayer in an actual decent light. I have to give props and praise when they are do and John Mayer did an fantastic job with his rendition of “Human Nature” at the memorial service.

In “death” Michael Jackson’s impact on the world will surpass the millions of people who adored him in life. The tabloids are having the time of their lives with the circus mania that has been associated with Michael’s death. There is not a print publication or tabloid tv show that hasn’t featured Michael on the cover or as the main topic for the story of the day.

The real tragedy is the fate of those three children who didn’t ask to be put in this situation. The custody battle continues to wage on for Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. Expect a reality show to surface around the Jackson children and remember that Nightly Candy called it FIRST. Debbie Rowe who had publically acknowledged in interviews years ago that she did not consider herself to be the mother of the children has recently changed her tune. There are $$$ signs in everyone eyes associated in this hot mess and frankly it brings me to the point of nausea. According to Michael’s Last Will and Testament custody of his children would be placed with his mother or Diana Ross if his mother was not able to care for them. Katherine Jackson is alive and well and her (scarier than Ike Turner) husband Joe Jackson is not only alive and kicking at 82 but is hell bent on riding the backs of Michael’s coatails once again with his children..

Paris, Prince Michael, Blanket

Paris, Prince Michael, Blanket

Joe Jackson’s behavior was nothing short of deplorable during the BET Awards red carpet when asked about his sorrow over his son’s untimely death. His demeanor was as if  he was going to a ball game and not an award ceremony that was going to honor his son.

Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket need to pack light and break out like run away slaves and FLEE to the North as fast as they can! They would have better likleyhood of a psychlogical stable enviornment on the street than in the claws of Joe Jackson. How painfully ironic is it that Michael’s worst nightmare of having his father have control over his children’s childhood might come to fruition.

AYE LOCA……. this situation sure isn’t cute by any stretch of the imagination.

Like everyone else in the universe Nightly Candy will be watching and providing you with our humble opinion so please stay tuned!

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