Joe Jackson: Poster Boy for Abuse

Posted on July 20, 2009


Hiya Sweeties

For the millionth time this weekend Vh1 played The Jacksons: An American Dream. Although I have seen that six hour made for TV movie over a dozens times it was totally different watching it this time around after Michael’s death. There was NO WAY I was going to sit through that movie again. It wasn’t because I had seen it so many times that I could act out a few scenes by heart that, it was the fact that the movie has gained a new dimension of tragedy now that Michael is gone.

Skip to 5:35 and just imagine it 500 times worse and I’m sure that’s probably more along the lines of how it really was.

One thing that was crystal clear from the depiction of Michael’s childhood is that Joesph Jackson is frightening. I know they totally downplayed just how painfully insecure of a man he truly was in those days. It is only from the depths of insecurity that a person can unleash that type of evil on his entire family. Every single member of that family has gone under the knife to attain that infamous square Jackson nose. I shudder to think the type of psychological warfare they ALL endured. I’m sure as Joe was laying the smack down on them all he would shout out things like “I’m beating the black off you because it’s UGLY” or something sick and twisted like that. It is this reason why I totally applaud a Brazilian organization for using Joe Jackson as the poster boy for abuse.


If Joe Jackson can use the death of his son to endorse his ridiculous new music label then by all means it is totally reciprocal act (and totally karmic) for this organization to use Joe Jackson to  for anti- violence and abuse purposes. At least the organization’s goal  to assist the downtrodden and afflicted. Joe Jackson main priority and concern was and will always be Joe Jackson.

It’s a sad state of affairs. Very, very, sad .

Nightly Candy will be following this story so stay tuned for the details. I am certain JJ will hold a press conference in a matter of minutes.