Poor Lindsay Lohan

Posted on July 22, 2009



Nylon Magazine and Nike joined forces and created a line of funky colored kicks and gear.


They were celebrating their new line and decided to throw a soiree at their store in Soho last month. My sister and I got an invitation and decided to go check it out.

NYLON and NIKE party like its 1999

We made the decision to go at the last minute. I’m glad we went because it was a great event and fabulous turn out. They had  converted the store into a pretty happening NYC nightclub for the evening. The DJ was spinning some good tunes and Michael Jackson was the featured artist since the event took place only 5 days after his death. It was so apropos for the moment.

Just as my sister and I were getting loose with some Goose I turned around and saw Dina Lohan in the corner sipping on a Stella in the front  of the club .


Our  mouths hit the floor simultaneously. Our shock and awe was not brought on by Dina’s desperate attempt gain celebrity,  it was the fact we just couldn’t believe that she was drinking in public with her daughter Allie and two other children that were with her  who looked like they were  about 1o years old.


Someone should have called child protective services on Dina for pulling a shenanigan like that.  It wasn’t a real club it still was by no means an environment suitable for children. You know when you get a “cringe” that starts to slowly creep up at the base of your neck when you witness someone doing something stupid? My whole being was engulfed by that feeling . Watching Dina down drinks and pose for pics while Allie was looking sad and disconnected from the situation on her Blackberry the entire time was really sad sight to see.  I felt so bad for her and her friends.  They were just standing there waiting to be taken home and tucked into bed.

I can’t view Lindsay Lohan quite the same way after seeing her Momma in action in the flesh. The media has had its hay day making fun of her these past couple of years as she has descended a downward spiral. I used to think, “well she totally deserves it” but now after witnessing her MOM acting the fool in front of my eyes, I must confess I have nothing but pity for this girl.

I shudder to think what it must have been up growing up under the pimp hand of Dina and Michael Lohan.


I hope the Lohan kids  find a healthy way to duck the blows of bad parenting and escape permanent psychological damage.