President Obama’s Choice of Jeans Makes the News??????

Posted on July 22, 2009



I just don’t want to believe that Obama’s jeans is a topic of chatter in the media.

You’ve got to be kidding me?

Since the First Lady has proved her aptitude for style and grace the media needs to stick to looking at her for the latest trends in fashion.

The Fabulous Michelle Obama!GORGEOUS!!

I could not believe that Merideth Viera from the 20 hour never- ending Today Show had the gall to ask the President about the “controversy” over his “mom jeans” that we wore to throw out the first pitch during last week’s MLB All Star game.

Obama All-Star BaseballUuhhhh WTF are they talking about?? Those don’t look like Mom jeans to me.

My goodness a brotha can never catch a break. President Obama took office during the worst financial recession in about 50 years and the media has the audacity to criticize his jeans? As a fashionista I must admit they weren’t the cutest style or wash of denim that is out there BUT I guarantee you if the President had come out in some distressed and fitted $300 pair of jeans they would have had even more of a  hay day .

Damned if he do….  damned if he don’t

Besides I seem to remember “Mom Jeans” being high waisted and tight and especially flattening at the derriere giving it an upside heart-shape effect.

A little something like this…

Now… that’s what I call MOM JEANS!

I just love Obama and his swagger. He kept his cool when Meredith brought up the jeans. I know I would have responded to her with something like ……

(with a serious eye roll) “Oh no this game show hosting biznene did not go crazy and just ask me about my jeans?

Although our President is fine I really am not the least bit concerned with what he is wearing because it is all about his gorgeous face. More importantly though I want to know more about the health care reform and and the sleuth of other issues that face this country. The press needs to get their priorities straight when it comes to the commander-in-chief and report about what is important. Don’t you all agree?

More to come!

Nighty Night