Candy Chat with Natasha Malinsky from Vh1’s Tough Love

Posted on July 24, 2009



It is with candy delight that I present to you an interview with Natasha Malinsky from Vh1’s Tough Love!!

Natasha Malinsky and Nightly Candy Natasha & Nightly Candy Chat it UP!

Season II of Tough Love is in the works so it was an extra dose of sugar sweetness to sit with Natasha over iced-coffee at one of the trendiest spots in our neighborhood ,the VBAR Cafe right in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC.

Natasha is a beautiful, kind-hearted, and funny woman who gave us a behind the scenes glimpse of her experience on the show.

In my original post “Say It ‘Aint So! Could VH1 Have a Decent Reality Show? I stated that

“I could just envision myself ordering rounds of cocktails with these ladies (i.e Natasha and Abiola).  I believe these women will resonate and connect with viewers because they have such likeable qualities and characteristics that most young, successful women today possess.”

Well sweeties we didn’t have cocktails (yet) but I do admit that my intuition about Natasha was right on the money!

Enjoy part 1 kids because part II is coming up soon and it’s well worth the wait.


Nighty Night