Filipino Inmates Take Their Love of Michael to New Heights.

Posted on July 27, 2009



Now THIS is what I am talking about!

This one is for you Michael. Wherever you are I know you are doing a “hee hee /crotch grab/kick/Owwww!”.

michael-jackson-smooth-criminal-lean1__opt11__oPt!!Hee Hee Owwwww!!

A couple of days after Michael’s “death” is when I first caught wind of the famous Filipino inmates.

The “Thriller” tribute was posted on Youtube in 2007 but in the midst of the mourning for Michael the clip generated  major buzz around the Internet.

The prisoners have released a NEW and more AMAZING video!

This tribute is a testament to the POWER of Michael Jackson’s larger than life persona. His ability “in death” to continue to inspire and touch the lives of billions is unlike any other human being that has ever lived. What Michael means to these prisoners is clearly on a deep level that most of us might never be able to comprehend.  Not to mention the fact that it is not a joke to choreograph a synchronized dance for that many people.

I think they should serve out the rest of time by replacing those kids on the Fox Tv show So You Think You Can Dance. That show needs some serious UMPH and having Katie Holmes do some pathetic leg kicks for a Judy Garland tribute is not cutting it in my book. Do you all know she practiced for that for OVER a year???

1 year??? Really???

Not Hatin’… Just Sayin’ : I’d rather watch the Filipino inmates any day of the week.

Night Night