The Waterworks Came a Flowin’ After Watching the Finale of Charm School.

Posted on July 28, 2009



My tears were flowin’ like the RIVER JORDAN this evening as I watched the season finale of VH1’s Charm School.

Season III made the first two seasons look like chump change.

In light of my recent developments the previous statement could not be further from the truth. I just caught wind that the 1st-season winner — Saaphyri whose real name is Wanda Scott — was sentenced in February of 2009 to three years in prison after failing to show up for a November 2005 sentencing hearing, according to

(Crickets…… chirp in the background)


There really isn’t much else to say but “too bad so sad”.

The producers put together a cast that was an extra piping HOT MESS for Season III. Although I didn’t watch every episode I saw enough to know that these ladies were not the usual skanks that VH1 traditionally used  from Rock of Love/Flava of Love/Real Chance of Love. Alcoholism, sexual abuse, and prison were some of the real life situation that these women were struggling with.

The three finalist were a recepie for DIS-AS-TER (with a French accent)

cs3-finale-forecastTequilia  (aka Marcia) , Ashley, and Risky

Somehow.. .someway VH1 was able to provide these women with the tools to breakthrough their bondage and have access to the light.

The finale was a real tear jerker.

I usually cry at the quiver of a lip and a drop of a hat so I could hardly deal with watching Risky and her mother have a heart to heart. Risky had come a long way from the rough and tough girl from the ghetto who had concrete walls up all around her. Ashley and Marcia most definitely came a long way as well. The producers and Ricky Lake had a VERY difficult decision to make. I would have just been a  big ball of indecipherable  tears . I wouldn’t have known what to do really. Perhaps I would have thrown the check up in the air and  made a run for it to avoid having to pick a winner.

Thank goodness I didn’t have that responsibility. Although it would have made great television.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Click here if you want to watch to see who took home the BIG PRIZE!

In my opinion the best woman won!

She truly has become charmed!

I look forward to watch her do big things.

On that wonderful ♪