Michael’s Secret Son REVEALED??

Posted on July 30, 2009



Boy oh Boy is this some JUICY FRUIT !

Apparently this is old news to the Jackson clan but the public is going nuts over this latest development in Michael Jackson mayhem.

If anyone had any doubts that Michael was capable of impregnating a women those doubts have may have been diminished. In 2004 there were rumors that began to percolate about Michael having a love child with a Swedish woman. These stories took a back seat to the tabloids trying their darnest to rip Michael to shreds with the charges of sexual misconduct with children. With Michael’s “death” the tabloids are still the same old blood sucking vultures they once were as they continue to make their millions off of Michael.

The latest feast for the tabloids is:



Michael’s supposed ♥ child

michael-jackson-s-memorial-omer-bhatti-circled-pic-getty-757157222Omer sitting front and center with the Jackson family at the memorial service.

Is Omer Bhatti a product of Michael’s loins or Michael’s fantasy?

According to many sources on the Internet Omer was conceived during a one night stand with Jackson and Omer’s Mother (a Norwegian fan) in 1984. A couple of years later Omer, his mother, and “father/step-father”  lived together at the Neverland Ranch. It has also been reported that Omer’s mother was employed by Jackson as a nanny and his “father” a driver.

The mind-boggling thing with Michael Jackson is the line between fact and fiction will always be blurry. The only way the public will ever be certain is if Omer takes a DNA test and shares the results with the world.

It looks as if  Joe Jackson managed to pry off the muzzle that his family put on him and granted an interview to TV One. In this interview Joe Jackson speaks as if it is no secret to the Jackson clan that Omer is Michael’s son.

brrrrrr… Joe Jackson’s laugh gives me the heeebeee geeebeess

According to Joe Jackson Omer looks, sings, and dances like Michael.

Who are we to discern one way or another?

If Omer does ever come out with proof that he is the spawn of Michael Jackson it will be very interesting to watch how his life will change and unfold before our very eyes.

You have to admit though these moves are quintessential Michael.

I’ll be watching just like the rest of you all. I can assure you that the best dish is yet to come.