Bravo Executives Please Hear My Humble Cry!

Posted on July 31, 2009



The BRAVO network seriously needs to have Andy Cohen continue to write his blog (if he must) but he must be removed from the air  STAT.



He is currently Senior Vice President of Production and Programming at the Bravo cable television network. Who made the executive decision to let a corporate suit have air time?  The “Midnight Booty Call” 1/2 special that he currently is hosting  painfully not funny . Watching it gives me that cringe feeling of embarrassment for him and the whole network every time without fail. If the network is looking for a quick witted gay to give the dish then by all means they could take a walk anywhere in Chelsea and ask a gay on the street and they would get more entertainment then Andy Cohen.

Thursday night’s episode was EXTRA hard to watch.  His excessive perspiration ,Sheree’s tin man man outfit and the awkwardness between them that was thick in the air was enough to send my brain into temporary hysterics.

The only thing that saved this sad state of affairs was when Bethenny Frankel called into the show. She was her usual fabulous self so at least we able to get 2 minutes of laughs.

I felt so bad for him especially towards the very end of the show. Perhaps in his contract he fought hard to get some airtime at the end to talk about things in the news he finds to be funny. . He  called Kanye West a “jackhole” for declaring himself the King of Pop. What is a Jackhole Andy? I’m assuming it’s a play on a**hole but you didn’t do a great job of explaining it. It doesn’t really matter because even if he had explained it I still would have been able to hear the crickets chirp.

Another thing that is not funny about Andy Cohen is the fact that EVERY TIME I’ve had the displeasure of watching his show he has to bring up the fact he is Jewish. What is up with that? I don’t bring up the fact that I am black on this blog every chance I get. I just don’t understand why he has to declare it to the audience each and every time??

Dear Bravo executives I beg of  you find someone with real comedic flare and talent to host these shows.

More Soon Kids.

Night Night

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