Housewives of Atlanta Season II: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Posted on July 31, 2009



The time has FINALLY come! Housewives of Atlanta Season II premiered on Bravo tonight and it did not disappoint!  The dismal ratings of Housewives of NJ and the WASPY snoozefest of Housewives of NYC (minus Bethenny Frankel)  made it imperative for these Atlanta ladies to BRING the HOT MESS!

They fulfilled their mission before the first commercial aired.

The last shall be first tonight. Of course that honor goes to no other than is Kim Zolciak.


How could it even be humanly possibly that her hair could actually look better during season 1? I just doesn’t make any sense? Why on earth with Big Poppa buy her Prada and Gucci yet he couldn’t spring for a for a Raquel Welch wig?

Her wig seriously looks like someone raided my mother’s attic and found my childhood chest of Barbie dolls and then proceeded to cut all their hair off and glued them together on a nylon stocking cap .


Kim  has boldly displayed that not only does she not have any friends, a man, a source of income, class, or HAIR she now has added to her list of “have nots” little or no intelligence. How dare she insinuate that the “Caucasian race” is not privy to knowledge on hair extensions and wigs? I wonder what planet she resides on because it most certainly is not earth. The “Caucasian race” (whatever that means) have been sporting wigs,extensions since the days of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.


King Louis XIII of France (1601-1643) and King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) pioneered wig-wearing among men from the 1620s onwards. I almost choked on my kettle corn when Kim walked into the beauty school class and had the nerve to say that because “Big Poppa” dumped her  (which means no more $$) she NOW was interested in finding a way to make a living for herself.

lee najjar and new girlfriendOnto the NEXT: Lee Najjar and his new girlfriend

How she made the connection of starting a wig line and attending beauty school is beyond my comprehension. It’s almost as delusional as her making an album with Dallas Austin.   Why can’t she have a shred of dignity?


Khandi… Khandi.. Khandi.. is she sweet like candy or cold as ice? Only time will tell.

It will be very interesting to see how her “character” progresses this season.

Khandi Housewives of Atlanta

So far she most definitely is more entertaining then DeShawn Snow (from Season 1).  Was it just me or does her daughter bear a striking resemblance to Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Sheree has decided to unveil her inner ghetto child.



Who Gonna Check Me Boo?

I have to admit that at least this time around she gave us something besides her painful insecurities to talk about.

That fight between her and the party planner was just embarrassing but I can’t lie it was a recepie for great TV!  In Sheree’s defense (*gasp* I never thought I would write such words) Tony was out of line. I don’t care what kind of behavior your clients have distributed you must always keep your cool and execute professionalism. ESPECIALLY when your business is being filmed on national television. He must have temporarily lost his mind. According to Sheree in a live interview she gave with Andy Cohen she claimed that during their verbal brawl Tony stood up like he was going to hit her not once but twice! There is just no excuse for it but BRAVO is ecstatic because the rating were off the chain. Housewives of Atlanta and Sheree were the top trending topics on Twitter last night.

NeNe still is my favorite!!

ne-ne-leakes-of-the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-pics-41Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

ne-ne-leakes-of-the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-pics-101Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

ne-ne-leakes-of-the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-pics-71Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

I love the fact she was proud to show the world her new home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dwight and Nene are still BFF’s. I’m so disappointed that his show “Beyond the Purple Door” hasn’t aired yet. He needs more than a cameo appearance on the Housewives of Atlanta. BRAVO needs to get with it and put this man on the air STAT. I have a feeling that NeNe is going to be the stand-up woman of the season. That’s right NeNe! Continue to keep it classy and not trashy.

Lisa Lisa… not too much to say about her yet.


It’s going to take a couple of episodes for her to get comfortable and let those claws out because we know they are there. I must say that her little bundle of joy is super cute. It doesn’t look like she is in a rush to have more. I most certainly don’t blame her. That toddler looked like he was a handful.

I declare ladies of Atlanta you have given me a treat this evening! Season 1 is when I began this blog so it feels so great to be back on familiar ground. I look forward to bringing you my views on these colorful ladies every Thursday night for the rest of the summer.