Justin Beiber’s Suicide is a Sick, Sad Rumor.

Posted on August 4, 2009



This prepubescent teen has received attention of the music world with his chart topping song “One Time”. It most definitely helps that he is super cute to boot. Yes… Yes… he is like two years old but I don’t care. Cute is Cute whether you are a toddler or 60.

I call it like I see it.

2434076325_small_1cuuutie patootie: Justin Beiber

When I first heard about this Tween a couple weeks ago and heard his song I wanted to turn it off immediately. I wasn’t interested in hearing a little boy sing about being in love. I gave it a second chance after I read an article about him on line and I was  intrigued. I love stories when artists are discovered. Justin Beiber was discovered by music producers from the clips he uploaded on YouTube at the age of 12. He has worked with such music notables as Usher and Justin Timberlake.

It was reported by TMZ on July 31 that 15 year old Justin committed suicide. It is not like TMZ is the most credible  of news sources in addition his family has not made a statement. I’m sure Justin is chillin’ riding his skateboard and doing just fine. The media will go to ANY and ALL lengths to pull out a story. What a sad state of affairs it is to report the suicide of a child without confirmation from the family. It’s totally gross.

If you haven’t heard his single take a listen and you’ll forget all about that nasty rumor.

Sweet Dreams!

Night Night