NeNe Can You Please Give us the “T” Concerning The Twisted Hearts Foundation?

Posted on August 7, 2009



FYI- Giving the “T” is NeNe Leakes catch phrase. “T”= “Truth”

If you’ve been a reading Nightly Candy for awhile you are familiar with my coverage of the Housewives of Atlanta. Just as the  silver fox of news television Anderson Cooper has professed his adoration for the outspoken NeNe Leakes, Nightly Candy has done the same. As recently as last week in my post “Housewives of Atlanta: The Gift that Keeps on Giving” I stated that “NeNe still is my favorite!!” It was true when it was written a week ago but today is a brand new day.

I feel a pit in my stomach like my pet died or something. All-right I don’have a pet of anykind BUT I do have a flare for the dramatic and a yucky taste in my mouth after I reading a ghastly chain of events this morning concerning dear sweet NeNe Leakes.


aka: The Situation

Real_Housewives_Atl_106_05NeNe @ the Twisted Hearts Foundation Fundraiser

This afternoon on the most popular social networking site used by millions across the globe I came across my friend’s status which read  exactly this.

yesterday morning I woke up wanting to make a real impact, I was feeling really philanthropic..would you believe I tried to make a contribution to the Twisted Hearts Foundation in Atlanta, GA. and I had no luck, I was told ..”Sir, give your money elsewhere, no such entity exist, here in the great state of Georgia!” So I wonder where did Sista NeNe incorporate her foundation? could someone reach out to her and ask her?”

This status was written by a long-time friend of mine (who shall remain nameless because there is no need to drag his reputable good name in this hot mess) . He is the Founder of  his own successful Not-for-Profit and sits on the board of several charitable organizations. He sincerely wanted make a monetary contribution to the Twisted Hearts Foundation and was curious as to why he was told it did not exist.

When he asked in his status

“So I wonder where did Sista NeNe incorporate her foundation? could someone reach out to her and ask her?”

the power of the world wide web allowed his question to be answered within less than 5 minutes by an individual who is a colleague/friend of NeNe Leakes. This individual responded to the original status with

“I will txt her in a few for u:”

True to his word this individual contacted NeNe. The following was their exact exchange.

Colleguge of NeNe :Someone I know mentioned on fbk that they tried to make a contribution to Twisted Heart: they wanted to know what state did u incorporate? They were told it doesn’t exist:

NeNe:.. 2 busy 4 the drama! If it doesn’t exist, donate somewhere else! Simple

Colleguge of NeNe: Well he wants to donate…

NeNe: So if u want me to give him the contact info for u I will… If not KEWL

FOOLISH behavior.. That’s all I will say…


That was not the response I would expect from the founder of a Not-for-Profit organization. Since Not-for-Profits thrive on donations such a hostile response was surprising and definitely made me raise my left eyebro serious arch action.

It is not rocket science or a secret that every Not-for-Profit is legally bound to register their organization within their respective state and also with the Federal Government. If  indeed Twisted Hearts had all their ducks in a row they would be registered as a  501(c)(3) . This information would be on public record easily accessible to anyone. Unfortunately in the great state of Georgia there is no listing for a Twisted Hearts Foundation. According to some on line chatter on several blogs when Mrs. Leakes was asked about  her organization she reportedly said that the name Twisted Hearts was already taken so she would have to re-name it.

The retort that Ms. Leakes gave this morning in response to an inquiry of where a donation can be given to her organization was down right deplorable. It would have understandable if the intention of the question was to berate Nene but all the man wanted to do was to give $$ to her organization.  The appropriate response would have been to provide him with an answer .


there is something going on????

There have been a host of complaints about Twisted Hearts on line.  The following are some quotes taken from comments made on blogs  in response to questions about The Twisted Hearts foundation.

-” I’m starting to wonder are there any board members?”

-“It doesn’t even list that they are at least a 501 (c) 3 organization but they DO have paypal up and running like clockwork. When I did a search for the organization name, both Georgia and the IRS turn up blank.bout how legit Twisted Hearts Foundation actually is”

-“if you recall she raised $19,200 at her brunch fundraiser event, which was a pretty decent turn out. Where were those checks deposited? Certainly if you have an organization, you have a bank account for the organization, right?”

quotes from :


It’s just disheartening and not to mention that accepting donations on behalf of an not-for-profit is that doesn’t exist is a punishable offense. To dismiss a sincere potential donor who merely is asking where they should send their hard earned dollars within an economic recession is just wrong. There is no other way to slice it.

I’m holding onto a sliver of hope that this is all a huge misunderstanding that can simply be cleared up. If it is not then I am certain this will not go away lightly because we are all aware that the government likes to make an example out of people.

Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk..

We most certainly will be following this story.

Night Night