Brace Your Ears Before Listening: Kim Z Dropped a Single!

Posted on August 9, 2009



Although this clip is less than 30 seconds long it still could be defined as cruel and unusual punishment to subject any human (or animal) to listen to it.

Forgive me but I couldn’t resist. I totally understand if some of you just can’t deal and decide to skip over this post.

Kim Zolicak from Housewives of Atlanta has proved her delusional to be a fortified matter of fact.


Some people just won’t let go of pipe dreams no matter how inane they may be.

Even with the synthesized, over-processed sounds that only studio mixing can buy Kim still sounds just plain terrible. Does she think this will be played for people’s listening pleasure?

It’s like she just handed a freebie to every comic/commentator/critic in the world.

Thanks Kim.

I’m so embarrassed for someone I don’t know and that is not a good feeling at all.

“Tardy for the Party”??????

I can’t believe they couldn’t come up with a better title? At least if anything when a song sucks the title should at least be decent enough so that it  may trick 3 or 4 people into buying it.  “Tardy for the Party” sounds like a True Hollywood Story about of a failed 50’s sock hop group who gained 15 seconds of fame but had a tragic fall from grace.

Who says tardy anyway? The last time I heard that word was in elementary school when I was late to home room.

Wait a minute…

I could have sworn that Kim got this song from that geeky old man with the guitar who wrote a bunch of corny tunes for her from season 1. Do you all remember that? She had the nerve to take some of those songs to Dallas Austin who was super sweet for not guffawing in her face (although you could totally tell he was using all of his stomach muscles to clench in his laughter. Good acting skills Austin!).

I would not have been able to spare her feelings.

I would have laughed.. and laughed..

then fell on the floor

rolled around..

tears trickling down my face…

more laughter insues until the producers have to come and carry me outside to get some fresh air

because my lunch and stomach feel like they are on FIYUH!

that’s how I would have written the scene if I were playing Dallas Austin’s character.

I am sure BRAVO paid him extra and specifically instructed him not to laugh in her face. I am sure of it. That is the only plausible explanation for why he didn’t.

I hope NeNe never apologized to Kim for mocking her in the limo that awesome night during Season 1. There were no apologies necessary for her song because her mockery didn’t do the real pitiful thing justice.

Upon the release of this single I am sure there will be an abundant amount of comedians/critics/ and anyone else  who will have a hay day ripping this “music” to shreds. What a barrel of laughs that will be. Can’t wait.

More Soon.

Night Night