Lisa Wu Waves Buh-Buh to her Million Dollar Mansion

Posted on August 12, 2009



The drama is a never ending pot of piping hot mess when it comes to the Housewives of Atlanta.

It’s been all over the Internet that Lisa Wu-Hartwell and hubby Ed got the big boot by the bank which sent them packing out of  their multi-million dollar mansion (which included a bowling ally).


I don’t see what all the kerfuffle is about.  I’m sure most of us have figured out that reality tv isn’t truly real. Who really knows the truth. I doubt that Lisa and Ed even ever lived there in the first place.  I wouldn’t put it past BRAVO to have provided a lavish million-dollar mansion for  Lisa and Ed to play house in only to have it snatched away during season II . It’s all about creating a buzz and landing those ratings. Housewives of Atlanta is a cash cow for Bravo and this season they are pulling out all the bells and whistles.

Who is to really know what is the truth and was made up for television.

Today Lisa and a publicist for Bravo gave an interview to TMZ to “set the record straight”. Lisa claims that her family was not evicted and they left voluntarily.

“Ed and I are not ignorant of the state of the economy,” she said. “We chose to move. We were not evicted. It was a decision we made. It was not made for us.”

Don’t shed any tears for Lisa, Ed or their  head butting baby because they are still rolling in the dough.  They are living it up in a big ole house on 10 acres of land. In the interview Lisa said “We’re doing fine, I love where I am.”  I believe that part of it for sure.

Don’t cry for Lisa she’s a- okay!

We’ll let you know if we catch wind of any more  interviews Lisa might give to TMZ.

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