Nightly Candy Spotlights HOT New Music: Gee Dubs

Posted on August 13, 2009



In addition to loving my television, film , and salacious celebrity scoop


The Real Deal Holyfield.

The authentic material that is only birthed in the underbelly of urban culture.

Commercialized rap spewed from the pawns of major record labels is not my cup of tea.

Trendy beats are great for the club on Saturday night but when I want to throw on my Ipod and walk through my hood I need to listen to music that not only makes me want to move something but  makes me THINK something.

I listen to music from artists that stay true to the flavor from their roots.

I recently discovered one such artist who exemplifies this very notion.

Gee Dubs IconGEE DUBS

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Music is such a indelible part of my existence that I can tell within 30 seconds if a track rubs me the wrong or the right way.

When I watched the video for “Career Crooks”  it only took me only a few seconds to determine that this artist has the right stuff.

Nightly Candy: When was the moment/the song/ the circumstance when you fell head over heels in ♥ with hip -hop?

Gee Dubs: I’ve been in ♥ with hip-hop as long as I can remember.  I’m in ♥ with music period. As far as hip-hop goes  I remember the first music I ever purchased was Wu-Tangs Protect Ya Neck single on a tape. It had raw loops with raw lyrics.

Most people born in the mid 80’s can’t even begin to conceptualize the power of the mix-tape or a classic on vinyl. Initially I was baffled by the fact that Gee Dubs is so young yet his sound is mature and his musical influences range among some of the founding fathers of  hip-hop music.

Nas- iLLmatic/Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt/Raekwon Only Built for Cuban Linx/The Roots – illadelph Half Life/ MF Doom – Operation Doomsday, Mobb Deep – The Infamous & Hell on earth/O.C. -Jewelz/Tribe- Beats-Rhymes-& Life are some of albums that aided in building his hip-hop foundation.

Gee Dubs: I had to back track and do my homework on the ones that came before them, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, EPMD, LL etc.etc

He was also influenced by the musical memories from childhood formed by his parents.

Gee Dubs: I was influenced by musicians like Hall and Oats, The Whispers, Sade, Al Green, Michael Jackson and a lot of other 80’s pop and soul music .  I used to hear it alot as a child in the crib while Moms would be cleaning.

Nightly Candy: So what is your opinion on the extreme  commercialization of hip-hop?

Gee Dubs: I can only speak for myself.  It’s music as a whole that attracts me. I hate when people pigeon hole the music to specifics. It takes the freedom out of what you’re doing. Hip -hop is a universal sound. You can take any genre of music and flip it into hip hop. On the flip-side you  can’t take hip- hop and make a country beat.

It was apparent to me from the content of our conversation that Gee Dubs was a young man who has seen and experienced a lot in his life. As he so eloquently put it “coming of age in New York City makes you grow up quickly”. His maturity is most evident with his skills on the microphone.


Gee Dubs: (in response to my comment on his maturity) It’s more a learning experience .. I got into what kids do at that time where I come from. We all have our wild out moments. It’s that 2nd childhood (as Nas would say) that you can’t be a part of. I understand more now the value of self and with that I have to prioritize for my future. This music s*** would always be apart of me even if I end up in the robot world. This is the only thing that excludes me from that and keeps my sanity driven.

One track that stood out to me in particular on the Who’s Listening ? EP is The Last Call. I believe this track is the true epitome of the conscious flow that emits from the depths of this artist.

Gee Dubs: ” Alone in my room/Pen in hand just turn up the boom/ Writing in my book of rhymes/ Escaping to this peace of mind” (line from The Last Call) .  The goal for me when I write is to take myself somewhere musically that I know I can take another individual when they listen to it.

I highly suggest that if you desire a dose of conscious reality in your hip-hop. Get ready to nod your head to the rhymes of Gee Dubs.


Available for SALE on ITUNES: /geedubs