Sarah Stokes From Making the Band Stabs Her Hubby

Posted on August 13, 2009



I know Puffy has had 10 million reality shows but does anyone remember the 20,000th rendition of Making the Band with the outspoken songstress Sarah Stokes?

I am sure most of you do because that dude Chopper was on that particular season and he has one of those mugs that unfortunatley stays with in you.

YIKES!no words…

Sarah Stokes was the only woman in the band and the only one who was married with children. Apparently she’s not too happy with her man anymore because she was arrested on August 2 for allegedly stabbing her husband IN FRONT on their three children.

1590269279sara-stokes-mug-shot.500x350Bloodied and and bruised she still is gorgeous in this mugshot.

I shudder to speculate what really went on during this scuffle for her to stab him three times in front of her children? She must have temporailry lost her mind BUT that is still no excuse to traumatize her three kids in that way.

What is truly ridiculous about this situation is that her lawyer released a statement saying that

“Sarah and her husband Tony were ‘having fun’ when she fell with a knife in her hand and fell on her husband who was injured by the knife.”

Ummmm “fun”?

I am all in favor of fun but sharp objects being lunged in the direction of human flesh is NOT a part of my definition of a good time.

It’s sad that we’ve heard NOTHING from Sarah since the band broke up and this is her re-emergence to the spotlight.

In the end I hope those kids receive some psychological counseling and FAST because the last thing the world need is more traumatized children unleashed into the world.

Aye Loca!!

If anything interested emerges from this sitch we’ll be sure to give you the dish.

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