Brad Pitt for GOVERNOR

Posted on August 16, 2009



Do I hear a choir of angels?

Yes I do! I believe they sing the praises of BP once again!!

Did anyone happen to catch Brad Pitt on Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday? It was FANTASTIC!

For those who may have missed the interview with Brad  don’t you worry your pretty little heads I’ve enclosed the clip. I left out the round-table discussion ON PURPOSE. Ashton Kutcher was a guest it was too painful to watch the whole thing. He was over-compansating BIG TIME to prove that he does have a brain.  I didn’t buy it and was not interested in the slightest on what his thoughts were about Health Care Reform.


Brad not only is gorgeous, talented, partner to the most beautiful and influential woman in Hollywood but he possesses a sharp wit and strong intelligence. If that wasn’t enough to deal with he also has a sense of compassion and a philanthropic heart.


I’m a huge BP fan if I withstood the horror of having to look at Bill Maher’s mug for a 12 minutes. The visual polar opposites between the two are enough to send a weak person into shock.


I held it together and tried to drown out  Bill Maher’s slicked back Ratatouille style coif he is sporting lately.

Hair like a slicked RAT

Although Bill Maher makes a good point once in a blue moon I find him to be extremely irritating.

In my undergraduate days at Smith College I was among a group of students who protested the school giving an invitation to that miserable man to perform and host  a version of “Politically Incorrect”.  They paid him over $25,000 and during  his comedy bit all he talked about his penis for 15 minutes.

What could we have ever done to him to deserve such cruel and unusual punishment?

I think he was trying to punish us because of a deep seeded hatred he must have for women. That is the only reason why I can fathom he would unleash such vile visuals upon us. Okay.. I digress. Back to what really matters.


He’s just AMAZING.

He has done more for the people of Louisiana then that self-hating Governor Bobby Jindhal. Jindhal better watch his back because if Brad even whispers that he is thinking of running he will WIN by a landslide right then and there even before the polls are open for business.

bobby_jindalBELIEVE IT BOBBY!

I’m all in favor of it. PLEASE this country has elected celebrities who have had little or no political experience to govern our states. I don’t have to remind you that  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and Senator Al Franken are all entertainers. The poor and disadvantaged in Louisiana (mainly the 9th Ward) are still suffering greatly  from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Someone with some sense needs to get their hands in the reigns and DO SOMETHING.

Brad, for what it is worth you have the Nightly Candy STAMP of APPROVAL!

Pressed_Candy_HeartsWE ♥ YOU!!

We will be following this story and will bring you any further developments.


Night Night

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