Chris Brown’s Apology Song Doesn’t Make the Cut!

Posted on August 16, 2009



I had to share this nonsense with you.

It’s no secret that Chris Brown isn’t a topic of joy on this blog. It is quite a shame because before he bludgeoned Rhianna’s face into a bloody pulp I was a fan. Who doesn’t love an under age cutie that can sing and dance?

Perhaps delusional Chris Brown fans are blinded by his boyish good looks or are crazed individuals who are in favor of objectifying  and abusing women .  Here is an example of just the type of douchebaggery I speak of.

The following is the skewed opinion of a reader who left a comment in response to one of my rants about Chris Brown.

“this is prolly coming from a womans perspective so why would your opinion matter to anyone except for a woman population. so stfu this will be over as quick as it started. PROVOKED as in 2 closed fist to chris it’s legal to hit back.”

You know I couldn’t have made that up right?

My brain can’t mask its intelligence to stoop that low into the gutter.

The apology that took 5 months to surface failed to mention seeking rehabilitation/therapy for his troubled soul. Physical abuse is not something that you can just throw an apology at or a synthesized silly song either. Leave it to CB to think that he could redeem his angered fans with this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As a former Chris Brown fan to me this track sounds like a mixture of “With You” and “Forever” and probably some other track he did from back in the day.

He whines  “it’s not over” multiple times on the track but I beg to differ.

If this is the caliber of music CB is going to put out then my man it’s time to get yourself a trade because I have a feeling it’s a WRAP whether or not  gossip on the web is true about Rhianna and Chris being back together.

On that ♪ I bid you all a wonderful night!