Kim Z from Housewives of Atlanta Sets the Record Straight!

Posted on August 16, 2009



Was I the only person who was left with an anti-climatic feeling after Thursday night’s episode of Housewives of Atlanta?

BRAVO really is trying to stretch out this “fight” between Sheree and Kim for every last penny it might be worth to them.

I placed the word “fight” in quotations because it was simply two ghetto biznenes who were  (n. biznene– a word my sister made up in the 5th grade to define ♀ who act a fool ) embarrassing themselves in public.  That’s was nothing new to the Housewives series. Where was the nitty-gritty drama that only salacious reality TV can deliver?

Kim-Zolciaks-Wig-Unharmed-Duri-cc480697700bb50599d00764b197c47e-KimwigpullI expected Bravo to REALLY BRING IT!

I wanted to see that wig fly off Kim’s head, spin around in the air (in slow motion) and hit the concrete softly with sound effects and all. I know I wasn’t the only one who longed to see that scenario come alive.


Sheree disappointed me because she only talks the talk but doesn’t deliver the walk. What happened to the neck vain popping diva from the first episode who wanted to call Pookey and them to come and start something?


Who’s gonna check me boo? You?

As much as it singes my soul to credit Kim with anything besides being ridiculous it sure did look to me as if Kim served Sheree a piece of “Go F* yourself pie”.

Sheree claimed after “the incident” that her intention was not to pull of Kim’s wig but she only wanted to shift it.


I wonder what she thought shifting the thing was going to do?


At least the incident has inspired many comedians to channel their inner trailer park trash and give us some good comedy.

This bit gave me the giggles. I am sure it will give you a twinge of a tingle inside your belly as well.


More Soon..

Night Night