MJ’s Doctor SPEAKS!!

Posted on August 18, 2009



The Michael mayhem continues.


Dr. Conrad Murray released a video via You Tube today.

This was the first time Dr. Murray made an attempt to reach out to the public.

Even if the findings of the investigation rule out Dr. Murray from committing any crime it still doesn’t look good for the Dr.

Since MJ’s death Dr. Murray has not practiced and had to shut down his Las Vegas office. The doctor was in dire financial shape when he signed on with Jackson earlier this year at $150,000 a month, owing at least $780,000 in judgments and outstanding payments.

Murray told investigators he administered Jackson a powerful anesthetic along with multiple sedatives in the hours before the singer died, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. Authorities believe Jackson died from an overdose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol. Investigators think Murray left the room where Jackson was sleeping for a few minutes to make phone calls and returned to find the pop icon not breathing.

Smells like something real shady is going on.

I hope the good Doctor really does believe in God because my guess is that he will be in need of the comfort that only a higher power can provide.  Everyone knows his face and some MJ have marked it with a big X.

Either way you slice it the situation it just doesn’t look good so far.

I’m so curious to hear the findings of this investigation. There is no issue surrounding Michael in life or death that didn’t bring drama.

Stay Tuned!

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