Chelsea Handler Should FIRE her Stylist STAT!

Posted on August 19, 2009



When Chelsea Lately first debuted on the E Channel I was so excited. I hadn’t seen too much of the comedienne’s work but I am all in favor of ♀ making their way in the male dominated comedy game.

Chelsea Handler

After a couple of episodes I began to loose interest quickly. There were a few aspects that I couldn’t get down with; mainly the portrayal of her sidekick Chuy.

I ♥ Chuy and I think he needs to break his contract with E and get his own show. My annoyance is with the way Chelsea demeans him. Calling him her “my little nugget”, making fun of his accent, etc. It just doesn’t give me the giggles.

normal_279_handler_chuy_110707 Has anyone noticed besides me that some of her material is borderline racists? Some of the things that have come out of her mouth would warrant her a beating in some neighborhoods.

With all the finger pointing and name calling she does in addition to the MILLIONS of dollars at her disposal there is no excuse to look a piping hot mess on TV.

Chelsea loves to make fun of Tori Spelling but at least Tori can put an outfit together. I’ve been watching Home Sweet Hollywood and Tori, Dean, and those cute kids always look fabulous.



tori-spelling-and-stella-doreen-2BEAUTIFUL family…


Cute from afar.. but far from cute

I watched the beginning of Chelsea Lately almost every night   with the hope that maybe just maybe she’ll be looking on point!

Alas…  I sigh with disappointment every single night.

I do quickly resume my cheerful demeanor because the Golden Girls are on at the same time. You can always rest assure that you’ll have many laughs with those ladies.

Chelsea’s style is lack there of.


The wrong colors, prints, silhouettes for her pale pink skin and flimsy locks. She needs to accentuate the positive not bring out the negative. That’s what celebrities pay stylist for. The last time I watched the first 5 minutes of the show she looked like she was trying to hide a 2nd trimester pregnancy shrouded in some beach like maternity frock.


Her stylist needs to be fired. I’m not the only one who thinks so either. Today I went on her website and there were PAGES of posts demanding that Handler’s stylist be given the boot.

This “stylist” clearly has it out for Ms. Handler .

I’ll let you know if the sitch with her style ever changes.

I wouldn’t hold your breath though.

Nighty Night