How Much Do I ♥ thee Barney Frank? Let me Count the Ways!

Posted on August 19, 2009



I just had to declare my love publicly for Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank.

frank1 Burly, GAY, and UNAFRAID!

Since my roots are based in the Commonwealth it brought me extra special delight to watch this video of Barney handling the business at a Town Hall meeting in Dartmouth MA.

Barney shut it down and put that crazy loon in her place.

As stated before on Nightly Candy in the wise words of my sister, “You can’t argue with crazy”

and this video proves this fact once again.

To make a correlation between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler is one of the most inane comparisons of all time. (and I’ve heard some crazy things in my day.)

WAKE UP and PEOPLE and realize that Health Care in this country is royally screwed up. If it stays the way it is the corporate conglomerates and the super rich are the only ones that live long healthy lives.

The system now is designed to keep people afraid, sick and dependant on doctors and medicine.  The current system needs to be flipped on it’s back like the roach it is and focus on WELLNESS.

At least I know Barney Frank will continue the fight! Speak up and let your elected officials know how you feel.