Vh1 Killer Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Canada

Posted on August 24, 2009



Just when you thought the news of the weird could not get any weirder:

Vh1 reality reject Ryan Jenkins who was suspected of murdering his ex-wife Jasmine Flore was found DEAD in a hotel in British Columbia on Sunday according to Canadian authorities.

The authorities have not released an official report but they have suspected that Jasmine Flore was killed by strangulation. Despite Jenkin’s attempts to make her body unidentifiable by removing her fingers and teeth he had no idea that her silicone implants were stamped with a serial number. That was the key component that led the authorities to give a positive id.

Oye Veh this is just DISGUSTING!

Although the authorities have not disclosed how Jenkin’s died I’m sure he took his own life. How in the world could he continue on breathing God’s good air after what he did?

Our ♥’s goes out to the families caught up in this tragedy.

The one positive thing that has evolved from this calamity is that Megan Wants a Millionaire has been taken off the air. According to Vh1 the show was been “postponed” but they  will probably not dare not stoop so low as to air the show ever again in light of the latest developments.

Perhaps this is just the type of event that was devastating enough to the network to shake things up. Let’s hope it is for the better. We won’t hold out breath though.

I have a sinking feeling there will be more drama that will unfold with this catastrophe.

Once again because this is so ridiculously disturbing here is something that is the complete antithesis to take your mind off of it.

Throw’d TV is a group of hilarious comedians who are representing righteously on the scene. This video has been a hit on YouTube and Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to see this it you should give a whirl. I promise you will have a well deserved laugh. After reading this horrible news you’ll surely need it.