Whitney Houston is the 2009 Comeback Queen!

Posted on September 3, 2009



Whitney Houston has given the world an amazing repertoire of music. She’s received countless awards and made music history with her record sales.

She’s also given the comedic world some steady material with some her antics from past years.

Debra Wilson from MAD TV owes a huge chunk of her TV success to dear Whitney.

I know everyone remembers the Diane Sawyer interview where the infamous statement “Crack is Wak” was first uttered. I am still using it to this day. I actually just used it last night in my  blog post.

Thank you Whitney.

(She should forget the embarrassment and trademark that and collect some serious residuals)

I am a true fan of a celebrity comeback story and I have crowned Whitney as 2009’s Comeback Queen.

She FINALLY found the strength to drop-kick the virus known as Bobby Brown from her life and has hopefully (fingers crossed) rid herself of bad-habits of the past (particularly the white powdery ones.)

Not to mention that she looks absolutely FABULOUS!!


Her performance on Good Morning America isn’t going to get her a Grammy for best live performance but I thought she did a stellar job nonetheless.

People have been jabbering on about how strained and terrible her voice sounded. I actually was surprised that she was able to sing at all. She had been talking all day to GMA and to Oprah so the poor thing barely had a speaking voice left.

Critics will always have something to say but it is clear that Whitney’s popularity is at an all time high and nothing is going to stop her from climbing back up those charts.

I’ve always been and always will be fan!