How I Stumbled Upon My New Favorite Band: PARACHUTE

Posted on November 4, 2009



I heart Gadgets and Gizmos!

I just love learning about the latest and most innovative technology which is why I love Apple products so much.


I love my Mac Book and my iPhone like I believe I would unconditionally love a child if I had one.

They are the best investments I ever made in my entire life. My love of Apple products makes me a frequent guest at the Apple Store. The closest one to me is in Soho which is more like a cool lounge than a retail store. I am serious about this. First of all almost everyone who shops there is freaking adorable.  Cute men, women, babies, dogs, EVERYONE looks like they stepped off a runway. Second the events that are held at Apple are out of this world. Filmmakers, bands, authors, celebrities, everyone who is anyone has booked an appearance at the Apple Store in Soho. Last week I happened to pop in to check on the price of an adapter when I saw that a concert was going to take place in about 10 minutes. I saw the poster for the band but I had never heard of them before.

Parachute Live @ Apple

I was a bit curious so I thought to myself  “I’ll stick around for the first song if they suck I am totally out of here”.

Music is my first love. At the age of 5 my Mother had my sister and I taking piano lessons. My love for music is so deep  I have learned to discern whether I like  a piece of music within the first 30-45 seconds of hearing it. When I heard Parachute play “She is Love” I instantly fell head over heels.


I thought to myself “I love this! It sounds so familiar like I’ve heard this song before.. on a commercial or something??”

My hunch was right. I had heard that song before and so have most of you who watch TV. The hit song “She is Love” was featured on a commercial for Nivea skin cream.

Parachute LIVE from Apple in Soho

Parachute LIVE from the APPLE store in SOHO

I stayed for the entire concert. Every song was engaging. I have to be honest it definitely helps that the band is super cute. Everyone knows I enjoy eye candy but really who doesn’t? I also noticed that these dudes had a genuine sense of camaraderie and it emanated through their sound. I am also a fan of bleeding heart love songs sung by men.  That is why I am a particular fan of the guy groups from the 60-70’s. The men from back in the day wrote heart wrenching love songs about their women and you could feel their hearts bleeding unto the record. A prime example of  this is the track “What am I Waiting For” – 1975 by the O’Jays.

Now this is a song about a man who is in PAIN over his broken heart because his woman up and left him. Actually according to the song she walked out on him and the only thing she left him “was the dog , the cat, a fork and spoon”.


Parachute is reminiscent of the heart-felt essence of man bands from back in the day. The genre of music they perform is not R&B but at the crux of it  is an undeniable passion and there is definitely some sweet blue-eyed soul going on within Parachute. My favorite song off their album “Losing Sleep” is “All that I Am”.

This is the Acoustic Version

It’s not surprising that these guys have soul. They have southern roots and hail from Charlottesville, Virginia . The members graduated from college in May 2008 and since then have been touring and promoting their debut album Losing Sleep full-time. This band has got the right stuff and I predict a long and fruitful future in the music business. Their songs are climbing the charts and have been on commercials, and TV shows like One Tree Hill and  90210.

After the concert at Apple they met with members of the audience. This was an indication of their humble and great personalities. Not every band who performs at Apple  opens lines of communication with the audience. I had the chance to chat it up with Nate (Guitar/Vocals), Will the (Lead singer/Guitar/Keys ) and Kit (saxophone/Keys/Vocals & my personal favorite… call me please.. I’m totally serious).

They are so personable and funny. I felt like we had gone to high school together and we were catching up on old times.

Nana-Adjoa with ParachuteL-R  Will Anderson, Nate McFarland, Nana-Adwoa Ofori,Johnny Stubblefield, Alex Hargrave, Kit French

I recommend “Losing Sleep”with extreme enthusiam


Nightly Candy rates Losing Sleep @ 5 Candy Hearts!

Treat yourself to some stellar music because you deserve it.

The album is available on iTunes you will not be disappointed!