“This is It” is a Must See!

Posted on November 4, 2009



I beseech you all to find it in your candy hearts to forgive me!

It has been ages since I’ve posted. Trust and believe I’ve been behind the scenes shuckin’ and jivin’ to take Nightly Candy to the next level but alas there are no excuses just my sincere apologies are in order.

Now that I have your understanding let’s unwrap this sweet treat of a story.

Last Sunday I FINALLY had the chance to see “THIS IS IT!!”



As a true MJ fan my heart yearned to see “This is It” the minute it came out but my love for MJ doesn’t cancel out my disdain for waiting in long lines. I am not the one for that mess. Last sunday at 12:30 PM was a perfect time to see this movie without any  screaming Michael Jackson fans or perturbing lines. There were only a handful of people in the theater which is just the way I like it.  I also like being able to sneak in snacks into the theater. It’s one of the many simple pleasures in life I enjoy  and besides it’s one of the many ways that I stick it to “the man”.  Thank goodness for this oversized Dolce & Gabbana bag. My friend and I were able to fit a slice of pizza and a breakfast burrito comfortably inside.  We did purchase a bottle of water from the theater which is something I will NEVER do again. I can’t stomach paying $4.50 for a bottle of water and it was DASANI water at that.  No offense but Dasani is not real water. There has got to be some type of High Fructose Corn Syrup mixed in there. It’s made by the Coke a Cola Company . In good conscious I must raise an eyebrow at that.  If I wasn’t such a dedicated MJ fan I would have taken myself over to  Chinatown where I am sure on Canal Street I could find an elderly Chinese woman selling the bootleg version of “This is It” for $5 bucks.

“This is It” was Michael Jackson portrayed in his finest form.

Dismiss the media images that were blasted days after his death which showcased a frail looking  Michael who could barely get a leg up. “This is It” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that after 40 years of performing Michael was on top of his game.

The documentary gave us a  glimpse into the enchantment of Michael Jackson unlike I had ever seen before.  I have watched many exposes, interviews, and documentaries on MJ and none of them have been able to encapsulate just how spellbinding of a visionary he truly was. Every minute of these two hours was simply breathtaking. The water works started to well up within my eyes within the  first five minutes. It was beautiful to hear the countless number of testimonies  from the “This is It” crew. Each and every one of them were moved by Michael. Everyone that he worked with had something larger than life to say regarding their MJ experience.


It was undeniable after watching this film that Michael Jackson is the most talented entertainer that the world will ever know. His voice was still pitch perfect as the day he took the stage at  the age of  five.  It was refreshing to watch especially in this day and age where many musicians are  synthetically engineered by producers. The idea of a LIVE show now-a-days consists of lip syncing so to watch Michael Jackson singing every song beautifully in perfect pitch during the rehearsal was out of this world.

Besides the incredible songs, the behind the scenes look at the phenomenal visual effects, a personal favorite for me was MJ’s fashions.

Throughout his illustrious life Michael Jackson influenced countless trends on the runway. I found myself drooling over some of the pieces he was wore throughout the film. The gold glitter pants and the leather blazer with the space-age shoulder pads were my personal favorites.

MJ Space Age Shoulder Pads

MJ's space age leather blazer with shoulder pads

Picture 1

Even in death  Michael Jackson continues to influence and dominate pop culture and fashion.


If you claim to be a true MJ fan and you haven’t seen this film you must take yourself to a theater ASAP. Even if you are not an MJ fan (which is an unfathomable thought) this is still a film you’ve got to see because I believe that even the most cynical of souls enjoys a little magic once in a while.  “This is It” is most definitely a little slice of the magical mysticism that was and forever will be Michael Jackson.

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