Evan Chandler (Father of Boy Who Accused MJ of Molestation) Committed Suicide

Posted on November 18, 2009



Looks like the GUILT of putting his son up to LYING about sexual abuse got the best of Evan Chandler.

Nightly Candy is not only source that went on record to state that Jordan Chandler was lying through his face when he accused MJ of sexual abuse. It was painfully obvious that his father Evan Chandler put that poor child up to telling authorities that Michael Jackson touched him inappropriately in an attempt to get majorly PAID.

MJ will have the last LAUGH!

To use an innocent child as a puppet to extort money is pretty vile and disgusting. I am sure the gulilt of his actions was destroying Evan Chandler.

Obviously it was doing a number on him because the 65-year-old was found in his Jersey City apartment with his .38-caliber revolver in his hand, officials claim. No note was found with the body.

Jordan Chandler and his parents received a $20 million settlement from Michael Jackson over the sexual abuse claims, although the late King of Pop was never charged with the crime he most certainly did suffer as a result from the publicity and public scrutiny.


Jordan and his father became estranged and Jordan even received a restraining order against Evan in 2006, after he allegedly hit his son with a dumbbell.According to a family friend, Evan Chandler was depressed in the final days of his life.


This is truly a sad state of affairs and a testament to the fact that all the money in the world cannot give you an iota of happiness. ESPECIALLY when it’s dirty money.  I wonder how Jordan is dealing with the news.

Although they have been estranged (I don’t BLAME him one bit for that move) I am sure the news of his father shooting himself is quite unsettling for him. I hope that he is able to find some peace in this horrid mess of a situation AND I mostly definitely hope that this unfortunate incident might turn into something positive. Perhaps this might be the chain of events that will spark Jordan to finally go on record and tell the truth.