We’ve Only Just Begun

Posted on February 11, 2010



2010 has only just begun and has already started off with a bang!

It’s been far too long since you’ve had a dose of Nightly Candy.

I know many of you were starting to think “where the heck is my night-cap?” or “this is more like monthly candy.” Rest assured that I am back and Nightly Candy is on track. It was with good reason that I had to take a hiatus. I’ve written up a storm as I was hired to write for AOL. It’s been great but it was a lot to juggle at once. Now I am into the swing of things so expect your nightly dose of sweet and sugary literary snacks.

Here’s just a few things that rubbed me the wrong way during the month of January.


I never want to hear anything about Jon and Kate and their 8 again. The whole debacle of their marriage unfolding on television was painfully annoying to watch. Be that as it may Kate Gosselin has made a name for herself in the tabloid news so now people pay attention to her. Even I had to take notice when Kate went from the haircut that everyone made fun of

“The Kate Gosselin Wig” was a TOP SELLER @ Ricky’s for Halloween 2009


Kate has the genius hair stylist to the stars, Ted Gibson to thank for her new do. He stayed up for 20 hours straight as he gave Kate super extensions. He also collected $7,000 and a lot of well-earned publicity. I actually opportunity to interview Ted Gibson a couple weeks ago to get some inside scoop. Thank the good Lord that Ted  saved Kate from that tragedy that was her hair. As the saying goes “when you look good you feel good” and my speculation is that Kate is feeling good these days. Besides once you’ve hit the bottom there is nowhere to go but up.


Why should anyone pay attention to this story? With over 50% of the marriages ending in divorce,  Tiger Woods cannot be the 1st man in the history of the world to have a harem of women on the side.

I’m not condoning his nasty actions in the slightest but let’s get real; this is NOT news. My beef with this situation is that horrific  Vanity Fair cover.  If the goal of that cover was to freak us out then mission accomplished. Tiger looks a fright! What’s the deal with O.J Simpson burglar cap and the super sucked in gut with the sweat beads trickling down his chest. (I’m dry heaving as I type BTW) The last thing Tiger should do is taking his clothes off for a camera. Let’s not encourage him.


Doesn’t anyone realize that we’re making two entirely overrated entertainers even richer by hyping them up with this stupid “war”? In my humble opinion Leno is old school and simply NOT my type of funny. His humor is from another generation. It’s time for him to move on to something else and give some young blood a chance. Same goes for David Letterman. Conan isn’t my number one choice but because the Pickens are so slim, I’m TEAM COCO!


Casey Johnson was no celebrity she just came from rich OLD money. The heir to the Johnson and Johnson company was found dead on January 5, 2010.

The autopsy ruled that she died due to complications of Diabetes.  All her close friends confirmed that she was a raging drunk and drug user. Those type of addictions would kill a healthy person let alone someone with Diabetes. According to Casey’s friends she always said she would die by the age of 3o and that’s exactly what happened. People don’t understand how powerful their words are. It’s still sad but it was pretty clear this girl wasn’t too happy with living. The real tragedy here is that she subjected herself to Tila Tequila . Some people will say or do anything to stay “relevant and in the news”. What is so disgusting about Tila is not her blue contacts or fake boobs,  it’s the transparency of her thirst for celebrity. This picture looks so staged. She probably sniffed an onion right before she pressing click on the camera and went straight to upload on Twitter.

This pathetic picture on her Twitter page days after Casey’s death. Poor taste doesn’t even begin to describe how gross that move was.

Death of Britney Murphy

“Clueless” is one of my favorite cult films of all time. It was a part of my coming of age so when the news broke that Britney Murphy who was such a huge part of that film died at such a young age, I took about 10 second of seconds of silence.

What was even more of a blow I must admit was to see that she married this creepy dude.

No Words

At first the authorities stated that she died of natural causes which was totally suspect off the bat. What 32-year-old dies of natural causes? The autopsy finally concluded that there was a host of things going on with Britney. A deadly mix of prescription drugs and pneumonia were the cause of death. I still raise an eyebrow at that. All I know is that her husband gives me a serious case of the heebie geebies, Britney looked sickly and way to thin, and no mother should bury her child.

These topics barely scratch the surface of what the tabloids were talking about in January but we’ve got to start somewhere.

I’ll be sure to give you no-holds bar opinion on the juicy ruckus.