Bring in Spring with the Perfect Accessory: BOWS

Posted on February 16, 2010



I have an affinity for all of  the seasons but quiet frankly I am over the frigid temperature and the snow.

It’s fashion week  in New York City . All the major designers are debuting their Fall 2010 collections.

I understand the reasons why designers show their collections a season ahead but I love the warm weather and I can only think about Spring frocks.

I am so ready for the last traces of the snow to melt from the corners of the concrete so I can welcome Spring with arms wide open.

Spring-time  is the chance to shed the bulky sweaters and walk out the door with a cute dress and a trench coat.

Bows are one of the hottest accessory trends for Spring 2010.

Bows will allow the opportunity to dress up your hair, neck, or shoes in a new and vivacious way.

Bows are a trademark vintage look. Hair stylist Guido who was responsible for the hair bow masterpieces on the runway for Marc by Marc Jacobs (Spring 2010) told Allure Magazine that Bows are a mix of ’50s and ’80s. “It’s a ’50s look, but we based it on Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. “She really had a Marc sensibility in that movie, so we took it from that.”

Hair Bows Spring 2010: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Bows for the hair, Bow Ties for (men and women) and Bow Tie necklaces will be all the rage once the first signs of Spring appear.

One of the fascinating aspects about Bows is that they come in an assortment of textures, fabrics and colors. Designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Milly created their own unique interpretation of the Hair Bow using gorgeous silks that would make any Flashdance enthusiast tickled pink. Forever has a variety of headbands affixed with dazzling bows that can turn a casual Spring outfit into something you can wear for a night on the town.

Bows made out of unique fabrics are also in high demand this Spring. Garment Colors has fantastic unisex bow-ties available on

These handmade crocheted bows that are Cashmere, Silk, and Merino wool

Bows are the must-have purchase for Spring because it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are; anyone can find one that fits their style.