Nightly Candy on The Rachel Ray Show

Posted on February 22, 2010



A couple weeks ago I received a call from the producers of The Rachel Ray Show.

They were looking for an upbeat personality for a Valentine’s Day segment. All they would tell me over the phone was that the segment would involve a celebrity guest and they wanted me to share a relationship/love question. Even with the all the “hush-hush” in the details I didn’t care.

“Ok.. great.. where do I sign up?” could not have flown out of my mouth fast enough!

My first TV gig was in 2008 when I modeled for Jaclyn Smith Fall Collection on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Although they did say my name (and pronounced it correctly..Hooked on Phonics does really work) I really only just modeled some clothes.   Don’t get me wrong there were no complaints with that experience at all. It was really cool. I got some exposure which led to some other opportunities, was on National TV, met one of my 70’s style icons Jaclyn Smith, and  made some great connections, (not to mention some pretty cool freebies).

@ 0.44 seconds is my debut!

After that first appearance I was determined that the next time I was on the tube that I would get to speak. A year later I got that chance. We really do get what we dream about!

The Rachel Ray Show is a Harpo Studios productions. Harpo is owned by the one and only OPRAH!

Oprah ♡♡♡♡’s her some Rachel Ray and the proof is in the pudding.

The Rachel Ray studios are gorgeous and the staff is SUPER nice. I immediately gravitated towards Hair and Makeup (of course). I made fast friends with Robyn and Joseph who took great care of me and got me camera ready.


Although I was only going to have  2 minutes of air time they gave me my own dressing room!  It totally made me feel like a daytime DIVA for the day.

The producers finally let the cat out of the bag . The celebrity guest was Susan Lucci.  She has played the sexy, seductive Eric Kane on All my Children for over 30 years.

The essence of DIVANESS

Photo Credit: Chris Hatcher

Susan Lucci is 62 and one of the most beautiful women on television. She looks phenomenal and not to mention she is the tiniest thing I ever did see.  Her husband, Helmet Hubur was there catering to her every whim ( as a doting husband should)  in the Green Room. According to the buzz in Hollywood those two are like peas and carrots. Helmet goes everywhere with Susan. They’ve been married forever and you can tell they are still madly in love. It’s really great to see long-lasting love in the entertainment industry.

Photo Credit: Glenn Harris

WOW! Look at Lucci is that tiny, weeny, bikini! She needs to share her secret and bottle that with the quickness!

skip to @ 2:04 if you want to just see yours truly in action

A lot of people have asked me after they watched the show if the producers put me up to the question I asked.  Two  audience members actually pulled me aside and  asked me  the same thing. When I told them I was straight up serious,  I could tell they were struggling to make sense of it.

What’s up with that?#$&*#)$&)#*$#)*!!!?????????

Is this society so over saturated with sex that it’s unfathomable to think that someone might not to have meaningless sex?  Are we are so over saturated with sex, sex, sex everywhere that we can’t believe that some people are choosing not to be open  like 7/11? This got me thinking quite a bit which is why I have decided to examine this issue even further. I’m currently writing a book on this topic that explores this issue , my personal decision and why I think it’s imperative that other women should think about exploring a similar path.

Stay Tuned on details when my book will be finished.

I promise you , it’s a page turner.