Academy Awards 2010: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted on March 7, 2010



The 82nd Academy Awards were blah.. blah… blah and more blah.

Most awards shows are always boring and pretentious but I remember the days of  yesteryear experiencing a jolt of excitement  as I  watched the pomp and circumstance of the red carpet.

This year watching the red carpet was like craving a bowl of cereal then realizing after the first bite it was stale.

My mouth did water a bit over  the  strapless gold/silver floor length number from the genius of Oscar de la Renta adorned by Cameron Diaz.

On the opposite end of the spectrum there were several runners-up for fashion low lights of the evening. I liked everything about the Giorgio Armani Privé dress that good ole Jenny from the Block wore. I would have loved the dress minus that side bussle thing on her hip.

Marc Anthony should have ripped that side bussle right off the dress before letting her step out of the mansion

Sarah Jessica Parker in couture Channel was a huge let down.

The public expects that SJP  should look fabulous at every function because of  her style on  Sex and the City.

Don’t get it twisted; SJP was styled from head to toe by Patricia Field for that show.

Her  stylist now clearly doesn’t possess the Patricia Field magic.

We all knew months ago that Mo’Nique, Bullock, Waltz,  and Bridges would win the shiny statue for their respective categories. It is mildly entertaining that Kathryn Bigelow got to have an “I’m a Queen of the World” moment for her win as Best Director for The Hurt Locker.  It’s a shame that this was the first year a woman has won an Oscar for Best Director.

It’s not all that shocking though.

The Academy Awards are not known for progressive- forward thinking.  Year after year they continue to uphold the “Old Boys Club” mentality of Hollywood.

Same old story. Nothing new.

Hopefully there will be some new blood that will surface within the Academy sooner rather than later so these out-dated and biased ways of thinking can be put to rest.

Call it wishful thinking but a girl has got to have dreams.

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