Nightly Candy is now on Blog Talk Radio!!!!

Posted on March 28, 2010



BlogTalkRadio has taken over and Nightly Candy is a part of the excitement!!

Three days a week you can enjoy Nightly Candy Chat on BlogTalkRadio.

Sunday- 11pm EST  Nightly Candy Chat- Storytime

Story-time is where I share the interesting, crazy, and down right unbelievable tales from the repressed memories of my cerebellum.

Tuesday- 11pm EST- Nightly Candy Chat- Social, Political, Economic Chat

Nightly Candy just isn’t about TV and celebrity gossip. During this hour of chat we discuss the important issues that concern we the PEOPLE.

Thursday- 11pm EST- Nightly Candy Chat- TV, Film, Celebrity Smut

This is the juicy stuff. Every Thursday night we discuss the hot topics ripped from the headlines of the entertainment world.

Nightly Candy Chat is never the same discussion twice. We are lucky to have interesting and intriguing guests, co-hosts, callers, and antics.

Feel free to call in and join the fun.

CALL (646) 716-6360

Join the Nightly Candy with Nana-Adwoa Fan Page on Facebook to learn more about  special guests, contests, prizes, and updates.

Catch  you on the air!!