♪Tuesday Tunes♪- Coming of Age: R&B

Posted on April 14, 2010


Top Ten Coming of Age Songs: R&B


This week I chose ten songs that were prevalent during the years I was figuring things out and on my way towards adulthood; my coming of age.

If there was a soundtrack of my life there would be thousands of songs. It was a tough task to just pick 10 from the R&B genre.

These songs are special to me because they remind me of  the good ole days of yesteryear.

10)Buffalo Stance- Neneh Cherry

Buffalo Stance

♪No $$ man Can win my Love.. It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of♪

Neneh Cherry was a pioneer for me. Not only was this a hot track,  Cherry was a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t the typical R&B singer or rapper. She had a funky fashion flair and had such power on the mic. You knew she was one of those people you wouldn’t want to mess with! She was singing about what she wanted from a man AND told him  “and don’t you get fresh with me!”

“Buffalo Stance,” Cherry was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990 in the Best New Artist Category; she lost out to Milli Vanilli, who later had their Grammy revoked when it was discovered that they had not performed on their recording.

9)Monie Love- It’s a Shame

Monie Love was solid on the MIC. Love also has a place in hip-hop history as a member of the Native Tongues, a positive-minded hip-hop collective that included Queen Latifah, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers, and a number of other act. Currently, she has a radio show on XM Satellite Radio called Ladies First Radio with Monie Love. It airs Thursdays 6PM ET and Sundays 8PM ET.

8)Soul for Real- Candy- Candy Rain (1995)

Soul for Real were the cutest bunch of brothers since the Jackson 5. Produced by Heavy D, Candy Rain’s first single was the album’s title track. The song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 chart.

7)Sean Paul- Deport Them (1998)

Deport Them

When I first hear this song, I fell in love with it even though I have to admit I had no idea what Sean Paul was chanting.  Crowds would go crazy when it came on a party. People still do. I was club last weekend (begrudgingly.. I HATE clubs with a passion) and the crowd went nuts. “Deport Them” was the first single released by  Sean Paul from his debut album Stage One. Originally released in 1998, it reached number 80 on Billboard’s R&B Chart in 2000. The song was briefly featured in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious.

6)Blackstreet- Don’t Leave Me (1997)

This song is one of the best “baby come back to me, I messed up royally but I looooooove you” songs to hit the airwaves in the 1990’s. I absolutely have a weak spot in my heart for love songs that feature men pouring their hearts out to the women they love. You can feel the pain when Teddy Riley starts to sing “STAAAAAAAAAY…. 4EVER…… STAY…. Don’t LEAVE”.

5)Foxy Brown feat Blackstreet- Gotta get you home

During my first year of college this song hit the radio waves and it was an instance hit. From the moment the beat dropped, the hands went in the air and people got on the good foot.

4)Tony! Toni! Toné! – Feels Good (1990)

“If the rhythms feels good to ya baby let me hear you say”

This song was the JAM. One of the main anthems on the soundtrack of my life.

Tony! Toni! Toné! is the type of group that I gravitated towards because they were REAL musicians with a real groove. This group was truly a Family Affair. During the band’s heyday, it was composed of D’wayne Wiggins on lead vocals and guitar his brother Raphael Saadiq (born Charlie Ray Wiggins) on lead vocals and bass, and their cousin Timothy Christian Riley on drums.

3)Maxwell: Let’s Not Play the Game- (1999)


This video was so much jaw-dropping, drooling eye candy it’s a bit ridiculous.

All of the fine men from the film “The Best Man” were in the video; Taye Digges, Morris Chestnut, Terrance Howard, and Harold Perrineau. This was one of the only videos I remember watching that was not degrading.  We need more videos like this now-a-days. The rapper by the pool with dozens of bikini-clad video hoes is SO PLAYED OUT, don’t you all think?

2)DeBarge- The Rhythm of the Night (1985)

This song has a Lionel Ritchie- ‘All Night Long’ appeal to it. It made me want to get up and ♪ dance to the rhythm and forget about the worries on my mind♪!

I discovered this song by rummaging through my parents old records and tapes and listening to the “oldies” station.

My ultimate favorite part of the song is when they go into the La…La.. La.. La’s (check it out @ 3.13).

I also loved the fact that Debarge is a family act.  It’s just so touching to see a whole family singing together. Debarge is like an 80’s urban Sound of Music come to life.

1) Michael Jackson- Off the Wall- (1979)

I was barely out of the womb when this song came out but I had to include it because I listened to this album a lot growing up.

♪ So tonight.. you gotta leave that 9-5 up on the shelf… and just enjoy yourself ♪”

I played this album, over and over until the record wore out! Check out this live performance from 1979.