Nightly Candy Fashion Review: Old Navy Jeggings

Posted on October 9, 2010




Fall Fashion Finds with Nightly Candy! Illustration by © 2010 Nana-Adwoa Ofori

“What the heck are jeggings?”

Those were my exact thoughts when I was asked by to review a pair for their website.

Jeggings are a combination of jean and leggings.

This fall Old Navy has capitalized on the jeggings craze that has taken over most of America. Every major retailer from American Apparel to Dress Barn,has turned out jeggings in their production factories like hot cakes on a grill.

I don’t shop at Old Navy. I do however use the 34th street store as a warm portal during the harsh winter months on my way to the Hotel Pennsylvania. I stopped shopping at Old Navy in high school. They do carry good basics like V-neck sweaters and tank-tops, however I find their sizing to be very awkward. I’ve always thought that instead of using a fit model to construct their clothing, they must  resort to enlisting 5th graders to make cardboard cut out mannequins. That has to be the only plausible explanation for their unusual sizing. I am not the only one that holds this sentiment. While on this assignment a sales associate told me nonchalantly, “Yaaaa… our sizing is soooooooo bizarre.”

I gave the grey jeggings a try. I immediately could tell that they had at least 1% lycra within the fabric construction. This is an essential point for me when purchasing jeans.  I highly recommend the jegging for the women who tends to confuses leggings for actual pants. I cringe when I see countless numbers of women on the subway wearing leggings that could easily pass for pantyhose.  It’s just not a good look.

On the contrary,  if you’re confident in your curves and desire a super tight jean to tuck into your favorite thigh-high boots, then give the Old Navy Rock Star Super-Skinny Jegging a try.


*A word of advice: bring the size you usually wear and the next size up into the dressing room.

What’s the worst that could happen if you decide to buy them?

If you really feel like you’ve made a huge mistake, Old Navy does have a generous return policy: 90 days with the receipt.