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Posted on October 27, 2010



Jimmy McMillan has a catchy slogan and great sense of humor however behind those aspects is a man with a message. McMillan has a plan that will empower the people of NY State who are desperate for a Governor to care about the fact that affordable housing is  unattainable.

Homelessness, displacement, poverty, joblessness, and foreclosures are issues that engulf the lives of every day Americans. All across the country people have to make the unfortunate decision to either feed their families or pay their rent/mortgage.  These matters are pervasive yet candidates running for office are blind, deaf, and dumb regarding theses issues.  It’s almost as if politicians want to perpetuate the diluted notion that the American dream is still attainable.  The “American dream” is a deferred one due to millions of Americans without homes, jobs, food, and hope.

In New York City the issues of hunger and homelessness are at a record high. According to the State of the Homeless 2010 issued by the Coalition for the Homeless, “this past year was the worst year for homelessness since the city began collecting data 25 years ago, with a record-breaking 39,000 homeless New Yorker’s sleeping in municipal shelters each night; a new peak of 39,256 adults and children slept in shelter on the night of January 31, 2010. This year, city also saw over 10,000 homeless families in shelters each night for the first time ever. Since last year, the number of homeless adults and children in New York City shelters each year has increased by 7 percent.” Current NY Governor Patterson proposed a solution to this issue by (you guessed it) cutting aid instead of creating programs that will enable people to acquire homes. The Coalition for the Homeless  stated that Gov. Paterson’s executive budget proposal, cuts more than $104 million in funding for homeless services – the largest such cut in New York history. ”

Civil Rights pioneer Fannie Lou Hammer said, “We are sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Why are the working class suffering and rich are getting richer? A recent study conducted by the IRS “showed that over the last two decades, the wealthiest households in America experienced exploding income even as their tax burdens fell dramatically”. (See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/9qih5B)

Why on the earth would hard-working New Yorker’s vote for a hate-filled,  multi-millionaire aka Carl Paladino? (Click here to read more about his wretched behavior). Why on earth would a hard-working New Yorker cast their vote for a slick talking lawyer who hasn’t done a decent job in his current government position?  In addition to his C– grade as Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo suffers from a severe case of nepotism with a side order of Daddy issues . (Click here to read more regarding the sub par performance of Andrew Cuomo as Attorney General of NY .)

On Thursday, October 28, at 11PM EST I will have the esteemed pleasure to interview candidate for NY Governor, Jimmy McMillan LIVE my radio show, Nightly Candy Chat.

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Listen up, tune in, and then ask yourself which candidate is for the upward mobility of the people.


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