Nightly Candy Fashion Review: Talbots Quilted Down Vest

Posted on November 16, 2010



It’s time for another FALL FASHION REVIEW!!

Fall Fashion Finds with Nightly Candy! Illustration by © 2010 Nana-Adwoa Ofori

The folks over at asked yours truly to share my opinions regarding yet another fall trend item: the quilted down vest available at Talbots.

Check out the commercial on YouTube

My initial thoughts of Talbots evoked visions of Barbara Bush and suits for Easter Sunday service.

Barbara Bush in her hey day with her peals, pumps, and prim and proper suit

Photo Credit: Rich Beauchesne 2000

Ok.. ok.. ok my visions of Talbots were not this hideous but I’m sure you get the point.

I must confess………I designed for  Talbots  (briefly) a couple of years ago at their corporate design headquarters in NYC.


(I know… I know… it wasn’t glamorous by any stretch but it was a job nonetheless)

I had the opportunity to design some pretty cute handbags and shoes for the company. Even though the Talbots customer is  conservative it was a lot less stuffy and rigid within the handbags and shoes division.

It been at least four years since my Talbots design days, so I hadn’t stopped in a store or glanced at their website at a long time.

The Quilted Vest

I immediately liked the design of this vest. It’s cut to have a sleek and tailored feel. Make sure you try on a couple of sizes to find the best fit. You don’t want to look like you’re gearing up for camping trip.


  • The best thing about this vest is the long neck. I ALWAYS need to have my neck warm when those harsh winds blow through.
  • The vest comes in a great selection of colors: olive, blush, red rosette, gold, festive blue, black, and ivory
  • Talbots offers specialty sizes for the mini-mamas (petites) and the women with curves (Sizes for the curvaceous women goes up to 3x)
  • I didn’t wear the vest for that long but the down feathers did not  poke me through the vest.  This always seems to be an issue with down jackets.


A vest for almost 100 dollars should be damn well near perfect in my opinion. I tried on several different vests (at least 4 or 5) and they all had zipper issues! UGH… the last thing in the world I want to deal with on a windy fall day is to engage in a war with a zipper!

I had to pass on the Talbots down vest.

All is not lost at Talbots for Fall! I wasn’t kidding, they have seriously have revamped their style. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from their 2010 Lookbook!

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