Need to Prep for the GRE’S?

Posted on February 4, 2011


If you are considering Graduate Studies then you’re most likely going to take the Graduate Record Examination (aka the GRE). Many people dread these tests because the scores weigh heavily upon acceptance into Graduate School. There are many websites that offer tips, guidance, and tutoring for the test. One of those websites  is GRE Prep Book

A major aspect that differentiates GRE Prep Book from the rest of their competition is their history. GRE Prep Book was founded by three UC Berkeley graduate students. The fact that the company was created by individuals with first-hand experience in GRE preparation and testing, ensures that the services they provide meet the needs of potential grad students. In addition to their formidable beginnings, GRE Prep Book offers thousands of GRE practice questions with the inclusion of a FREE GRE Practice Test.

The only suggestion I would make, is that GRE Prep Book offer a more interactive experience to the user. The test preparatory experience doesn’t have to be a bland one. It would be more appealing to have interactive options on the site that make the learning experience more engaging. Aside from the lack of interesting HTML, GRE Prep Book offers a solid platform that will assist in conquering the GRE.

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