Nightly Candy Fashion Review: Coogi

Posted on May 30, 2011




                                                                                        Illustration, Nana-Adwoa Ofori 2011 ©

Coogie is a brand that has proven it possesses staying power.

When the company first launched in 1969 their signature style was embodied by a uniquely constructed knit sweater. The look and feel were unlike anything that was present in men’s fashion at that time. Coogi first gained mainstream media attention when larger than life personalities like Bill Cosby and Biggie Smalls were photographed wearing Coogi sweaters.

The late great Biggie Smalls in Coogi 

America’s favorite Dad, Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby ) swearing a creative Coogi sweater

Coogi is no longer just known for their sweaters. They have branched out and expanded the brand to include a variety of apparel and accessories for  men,  women, and children.

Here are some styles currently available on the Coogi website. 


LAMBO Group – Zip Up Sweatshirt – $125.00

The colors and design are appealing however, the price point of $125.00 is steep for a cotton track jacket. This is a prime example where the consumer is paying for the brand name versus the actual quality of the product.


COOGI Authentic Bag $ 290.00

 If you’re a collector of handbags then you’ll appreciate this  authentic piece. There were only 100 made and it’s only available on the Coogi website.


Girl’s Sports Jumper- $82.00

 Big C Jacket with Zip Off Hood- $ 85.00


If you’ve been a fan of Coogi since the days of Cliff Huxtable, or the brand is a new favorite, there is a new site available exclusively for you. Coogi has launched a new site that will give fans of the brand access to special sales, updates, and announcements. The site is a work in progress, and will be available for full user access shortly.