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Nightly Candy Chats with RAKIM the GOD MC about Beats, Rhymes, and LIFE

November 22, 2009


SWEETIES On Friday, November 20, I had the esteemed pleasure of stumbling upon yet  another amazing FREE concert at the APPLE Store in Soho. I fell in LOVE with hip-hop when I first heard “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em”. DJ Technical did a great job of hyping up the crowd with classic hip-hop tracks from […]

How I Stumbled Upon My New Favorite Band: PARACHUTE

November 4, 2009


SWEETIES I heart Gadgets and Gizmos! I just love learning about the latest and most innovative technology which is why I love Apple products so much. I love my Mac Book and my iPhone like I believe I would unconditionally love a child if I had one. They are the best investments I ever made […]

Rhianna, UNLIKE Beyonce a TRULY Gifted Artist Who Gives BACK to the Community

November 21, 2008


the world today when major corporation are begging the government for millions to help bail them out, it is nice to see a multi-million dollar company recoginzing the need to give to organizations that matter.


November 4, 2008


  Kalinishta (Good Evening in GREEK)   I just can’t wait until the sun officially sets to blog today kids. I’m a ball of energy and I have to just to concentrate on something else until those elections stats come rolling in! I can’t wait to REJOICE with you all tonight! I don’t care how […]

Part Deux of my Interview/Purple Vintage Space Princess: Vintage Style Icon

October 27, 2008


Evenings Kidos,   Thanks for coming back for more! This interview with Purple Vintage Space Princess was really a lot of fun! I find that now-a-days music is sooo fake, and commercial with synthesized beats, and Blondie chicks who have no musical talent whatsoever and like to show their va-jay-jays to the camera. I am […]