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What’s all the Kerfuffle about with Kanye?

September 16, 2009


S W E E T I E S Since when does it become breaking news when Kayne West says  something outrageously stupid? Everytime I have EVER heard Kayne West speak he sounds like a bumbling, conceited, hot mess of a FOOL. Why are we all shocked about his drunken stupor VMA’s antics? Didn’t this all go […]

What Britney Spears Really Sounds Like On Stage.

August 13, 2009


S W E E T I E S How anyone listens to Britney Spears boggles my mind. I will never be able to fully grasp why this culture insists on throwing millions of undeserved dollars (in a recession) to a talentless piece of work like B.S (I couldn’t resits that ). I know some delusional […]

Filipino Inmates Take Their Love of Michael to New Heights.

July 27, 2009


EVENING MY SWEETS Now THIS is what I am talking about! This one is for you Michael. Wherever you are I know you are doing a “hee hee /crotch grab/kick/Owwww!”. !!Hee Hee Owwwww!! A couple of days after Michael’s “death” is when I first caught wind of the famous Filipino inmates. The “Thriller” tribute was […]

Too Little… Too Late for Chris Brown

July 22, 2009


Hiya Sweeties I’m not going to say too much regarding the “apology” that Chris Brown’s legal team scripted for him to read the other day because I am SOOO OVER IT. I was over it 5 months ago to be honest. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… I’m BORED Anyone who taps into half of their brain power could tell […]

Who Exactly is to Blame for the Video Blame It (on the Alcohol)??

May 18, 2009


Evening Sweeties I’m Not HATIN’….. I’m Just SAYIN’  I am not going to get on my soapbox and give a scathing critical analysis of  urban culture because quite frankly Nightly Candy is not the venue and besides tonight is reggae night at my favorite spot and I’ve got to get my outfit together.  Jamie Foxx […]