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Nightly Candy on The Rachel Ray Show

February 22, 2010


SWEETIES A couple weeks ago I received a call from the producers of The Rachel Ray Show. They were looking for an upbeat personality for a Valentine’s Day segment. All they would tell me over the phone was that the segment would involve a celebrity guest and they wanted me to share a relationship/love question. […]

How Much Do I ♥ thee Barney Frank? Let me Count the Ways!

August 19, 2009


S W E E T I E S I just had to declare my love publicly for Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank. Burly, GAY, and UNAFRAID! Since my roots are based in the Commonwealth it brought me extra special delight to watch this video of Barney handling the business at a Town Hall meeting in Dartmouth […]

Filipino Inmates Take Their Love of Michael to New Heights.

July 27, 2009


EVENING MY SWEETS Now THIS is what I am talking about! This one is for you Michael. Wherever you are I know you are doing a “hee hee /crotch grab/kick/Owwww!”. !!Hee Hee Owwwww!! A couple of days after Michael’s “death” is when I first caught wind of the famous Filipino inmates. The “Thriller” tribute was […]

Candy Chat with Natasha Malinsky from Vh1’s Tough Love

July 24, 2009


HIYA SWEETIES It is with candy delight that I present to you an interview with Natasha Malinsky from Vh1’s Tough Love!! Natasha & Nightly Candy Chat it UP! Season II of Tough Love is in the works so it was an extra dose of sugar sweetness to sit with Natasha over iced-coffee at one of […]

Everyone Can Enjoy a Good Spoof Now and Again

May 24, 2009


Evening Sweeties If you read my post about Jamie Foxx’s (Blame It) on the Alcohol I expressed that while I like the catchy tune that the lyrics and content of the song didn’t get a thumbs up from me. It just rubs me the wrong way when I see the little kids on my block […]

Who Knew…. HoHan Had Humor? Aniston Should Take Notes.

April 16, 2009


Evening Sweeties It is so refreshing to see that a Hollywood celebrity can LAUGH at herself! There is NO ONE that reads this blog who doesn’t know who Lindsay Lohan is. Her name (and many nicknames) have been in the tabloids basically since she left puberty.    Lindsay isn’t the only Lohan to be in […]

My BEEF With the Sobe Lifewater Lizard: Part Deux

March 26, 2009


   Evening Sweeties I thought my experience with the Sobe Lizard had come to an end yesterday, but today was a brand new day! I just checked my replies and he spoke again! My jaw dropped at the fact I have been able to peek the curiosity of the the Sobe company and this  little lizard […]