Nightly Candy Couture Presents:


I received so many compliments on my handmade head wear I thought to myself

“It’s SELFISH to keep these beauties all to yourself! You have to share them!”

Brooklyn Butterfly Goddess Gear

GIF animations generator

Brooklyn Butterfly Goddess Gear will give you that look!

These pieces are hand made with recycled materials (not only are they

GORGEOUS but GREEN as well).

The butterfly is associated with cathartic grow and beauty. Whenever you wear

one you will feel like the Goddess you truly are!

Forget Urban Outfitters and other over priced corporate fashion retailers.

These accessories are made with extreme amounts of

for a price you’ve gotta


Check them OUT and order NOW while these babies are still in stock!


2 Responses “Nightly Candy Couture Presents:” →
  1. LOL! I laughed all the way through your page about the Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t know why I watch it because I hate everyone of the except Kandi. Keep up the good work

    • Hiya Jenn,

      Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by Nightly Candy!
      These Housewives are too much! The material never ever ends.
      You’re always welcome to Nightly Candy. Stay tuned for more sweet treats!


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