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We’ve Only Just Begun

February 11, 2010


SWEETIES 2010 has only just begun and has already started off with a bang! It’s been far too long since you’ve had a dose of Nightly Candy. I know many of you were starting to think “where the heck is my night-cap?” or “this is more like monthly candy.” Rest assured that I am back […]

Joaquin Phoenix…..What’s the Deal Dude??

March 13, 2009


Evening Nightly Candy Peeps He looks like Teen Wolf after being abandoned in the Appalachia Mountains without food, water, and just Crystalmeth for sustenance. In January Joaquin Phoenix announced he was quitting acting to pursue a career as a hip-hop artist. Of course the first reaction from most people was “you’ve got to be kidding […]

Why I Want to Stick Something Sharp in My Eyes When Listening to Gov. Sarah Palin

October 14, 2008


Good Evening My Fellow Americans, I had to take a minute from sharing the chronicles of my love life, to rant about Gov. Sarah Palin. With the election days away, it would be un-American of me to not use my platform to speak my piece! She makes me want to gouge my eyes out whenever […]