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October 8, 2009


S W E E T I E S IT’S OFFICIAL Fox TV actually has provided a show worthy of a smile this Fall. GLEE is killing the competition in the ratings. On Twitter it becomes a trending topic hours before and after the episode airs. This stroke of pure genius is the brainchild of Ryan […]

Usher’s Wife Had A Heart Attack on the Operating Table- What’s Going On?

February 13, 2009


and remember what Mama said... "If it 'aint broke... then NO NEED to fix it!"

Dropping Disturbia Bombs:Half Man/Half Tree: Another Look

October 23, 2008


Evening Lads and Lassies, I hope your evenings have been as eventful and fun filled as mine! Tonight I just wanted to touch base very quickly on my lost post concerning the a man in Indonesia who has been named “Half Man/ Half Tree”. Where does one begin….. “Half Man/ Half Tree” for them to […]